Thursday, October 18, 2007

people say the darndest things...

Some more endearing things people say when I have all three dogs...

" this a golden puppy? are your other two labs? I have a golden too, and let me tell you, once you have a golden you will NEVER go back to labs!"

(this bitch said this RIGHT in front of my perfect maggie!)(must teach her to bite)

When Mick was playing with some lady and growling and biting at her dog's leash that was dangling around her neck..."oh, your puppy is angry dog. Why he so angry? He bery angry dog"

My personal favorite..."awww...are you a dog walker?"

the golden child and the less desirable labs

The angry puppy

Monday, October 15, 2007


I would LOVE to believe that A. people are basically good and B. people are basically intelligent.

Now, the first one is SO not true, and if you doubt me spend some time with 2 yr olds. especially 2 yr olds with OTHER 2 yr olds.

The second one, well, you know, we usually think SOME people are stupid like people who live in trailors and generally anyone who goes on a self-help talk show and/or any reality court show. (I mean don't STOP doing that dumb people, it fills my day with delight)

But i have to say that every time I get a new dog I learn that stupidity has no favortism across various tax brackets. When I got maggie, just about EVERYONE would stop and say "awww, is that the mother and baby?" (this was directed at BECK, my MALE dog) But even so, why does anyone think that a dog walks around with her one baby?
Also when Leslie and I would walk our puppies together, MANY people would ask "awww....are you selling those dogs?"
huh? who the hell walks around selling puppies? Who ASKS that?

I kinda wrote these people off as bizarre and weird. I figured it was a fluke that I ran into so many idiots.

And NOW that I have Mick, I have disturbingly heard too many times "awww, is that the mom, dad and baby?" And once again "are you selling that puppy?"

I have heard these from MANY intelligent looking people, and I would say 95% of all people I run into ask the mom/dad/baby question. It still shocks me. especially when beck is so old he hobbles around at about a mile every 4 hours. what makes people even think he can hump?

oh well, I always thought I was pretty dumb, now i walk around with my mom dad and baby dog with a nice fat ego, thinking that as dumb as I can be, i ain't dumb like those idiots.

sorry, it wouldn't be a blog without the puppy that's for sale.

Friday, October 12, 2007

9 weeks

I know, I know, ENOUGH already....but still...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Micky Mac

I have no life. I don't deny it.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

8 weeks

I know these aren't technically "posts" but i am too tired to WRITE anything. You know, puppies are SO cute...when they're SLEEPING. Other than that theyre a complete pain in the ass...that's why god made them so damn cute...cuz otherwise we would kill them. ANd? puppies are WAY cuter when they belong to someone else.