Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I can BARELY deal with all these grey hairs that are getting INCREASINGLY difficult to pluck (my right temple is becoming quite bald) not to mention the new little spider veins creeping behind my knees...but today was icing on the alzheimers cake when I was just chilling on my couch, half watching regis and kelly, half trolling ebay, when my boss called and I answered cuz I thought maybe she wanted me to cover some no show or something. turns out I was the NO SHOW. I was supposed to be teaching a class and I 100 percent forgot. how lame is THAT? I FORGOT!!!!! And, unlike in my youth when "I FORGOT" was a half assed excuse, it is now a serious offense to my youth, because i actually forgot!!!!


what is WRONG with me? I was SO mad all day that it put me in a horrid mood that not even zoloft or the season premier of ANTM could touch.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

running 'idol' commentary

Blake Lewis is going to win Idol...unless he completely fucks it up. he is SO cute and SO good. And also everyone else is sucking tonite. also he gets my vote for best dressed and best hair. he has, as simon says "the whole package."

on other news, I was witing for class to start and I was reading my new book THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE (which I can't put down) and one of my regular students walked in and said, shocked "WHAT are you reading? Are you reading something other than IN TOUCH?!?!?!?" THEY just don't KNOW me. I like to keep a nice line between me and student.

back to Idol...there's a michael jackson look/sound alike who creeps me out. his name is sanjaya. he needs a brow wax. that won't help him much. he would just look less, eddie munster-ish.

I had to pick up dogfood for my roomate yesterday (otherwise he "borrows" mine and my precious chosen ones eat only venison and duck, and it ain't cheap!) and he feeds his dog pedigree, and I was trying to figure out which flavor, and I was laughing out loud when they had "beef and noodle stew" because before man domesticated dog, back when they lived wild and hunted spaghetti, they were MUCh healthier! people are SO stupid. anyway I bought it cuz hey, not MY dog.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy day-after-valentine's day!!

THIS is THE BEST day of the year. Why? because Valentine's is the lamest-yet-campiest holiday ever...but the day after??? NOT ONLY do all the heart chocolates go half price, BUT also the stores bust out the cadbury easter eggs, the fake egg crates filled with, not yucky egss, but perfect marshmallow filled chocolate eggs AND the "whopper" robin's eggs in the fake milk carton are released to the general public.

so in other words, you can have "eggs" and "milk" for breakfast and, you know, that counts!

I took the day off. this should be a legal holiday.

Can I also note, that in the "RALPHS" supermarket down the street, all the ceramic lawn easter bunnies are "dark". ALL. no white bunnies here. this is da hood. what I don't get though, is that we live in a hasidic jewish neighborhood. so not only is there no easter, but there are also no black people. so did our Ralph's get the wrong shipment?

on other news, there are these new shoes called MBT shoes. they are THE UGLIEST shoes ever (well, not as ugly as earth vegan shoes) and they cost about $300 per pair, the thing is, they make you build muscle and are like a workout just by walking around your house and/or office and stuff. I tried them on yesterday and just from walking around the granny store (they are sold at 'easy spirit'!!!) my legs were burning! I must have these crazy expensive shoes.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

please. someone buy this for me!

this is what happens when you take a day off.


I am playing hooky today. I subbed out my class and am going to spiff up the guest room, hang my amazingly cute pictures of my amazingly cute dogs...

...and then do some yoga and stuff. right now however, I am watching regis and kelly. I am still reeling from the lame-ass TOP CHEF finale. Marcel lost. :( And more importantly he was a sore loser which THANK GOD, because THAT was the only entertaining part. he shoulda won. and TOP DESIGN? pffft. borrrrrrrring. could todd oldham BE a more lame ass YAWWWWNNNN host?

anyhoo, this is fun. taking a day off for NO REASON. I have nowhere to go. nothing to really do. don't have to fake a cough. don't have to clean (lucy polished my ugg boots) and don't have to pay any bills!!! wooohooooo. I highly recommend it.