Thursday, March 31, 2011

Entrepreneurship is ROUGH

I meant to post yesterday. I really did. I had something all ready about religion or somesuch riveting topic. But here's the truth of it. I'm starting a small business. And let me tell you future business owners of the world, IT IS HARD WORK! No glam self starter here.

There is SO MUCH TO DO! And yesterday was overwhelming.

I had to PUT TOGETHER a file box.

For my business.

I THOUGHT when I bought this thing that it would like, snap together or something. But no. It had SCREWS! Which required a SCREWDRIVER. And someone who knows how to USE a screwdriver. Normally. I would give up on such a task. But no. I'm a business starter now. I have to get in the trenches here. Files Are NECESSARY for a business.

I mean SURE. I COULD have bought an UGLY file box that was all done and stuff. But no. I had to have THIS one, with the clear top so one could see my color coordinated folders and hangers! (Donald Trump says it's all about your business image. INDEED!) (I won't even TELL you how many deliberation hours it took me to choose the green/black/grey file folder combo)

I broke a sweat. My arms were sore. I couldn't figure out side A fitting into side C. I dropped the screws and hunted for them. I cursed and swore. DAMN you CONTAINER STORE! This was 20 bucks! I expect this DIY shit from IKEA for $2.50. NOT CONTAINER STORE for $20!!!! And so on.

Long story longer...6 hrs, 500 swear words, and one majorly scratched desk from said screws, LATER...


(I blame websites like hers for making people like me THINK they can just go be all handy and crafty and self-sufficient.)

(did you SEE the mirror she just like, MADE. ALL by herself?? With MORE than a screwdriver??)

New item on "to do" list?
2. Make file folder for "TO DO" lists
   a. use green file folder, with black file hanger
   b. see how the green folders match my green walls? Cute, huh!

I just can't can't WAIT to tell this cute story on Oprah. Sitting next to Warren Buffet. On her "Billionaire Business Owners" show.  I'll toss my head back and laugh "oh Oprah, can you believe that I started off in the trenches just like everyone else...that I once had to put together a file box??" Tossing head back laughing again..."ahhhahaah...sweet days, eh Op?"

I think I'll file this scene under the same file as "own a candy rack."
(In the grey folder)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

post salon tuesday

Yes. I did spend the evening petting my hair. It will only be this nice and straight for MAYBE 2 days. I really wish it was more acceptable for someone my age to get bangs because HOLY FOREHEAD! But here in LA, if you suddenly show up with bangs everyone assumes you had a facelift. And I already have to triple quadruple check to make sure I'm not "too blonde" or "too long" for my age. Like SOME PEOPLE...

That's what my skype calls consist of. "You'll tell me if I start looking all OC housewife, right?" 

Also having my hair all straight and perfect trumps any kind of "working out" which would RUIN it. Sweat=nappy curl. SO, you know, that treadmill is OUT of the! I was GONNA run 20 miles today, but no. Can't muss the hair. 

Apparently a week in the woods at 'emotional camp' did NOT in fact cure me of shallow vanity. huh.  Oh well! At least I'm HAPPY and shallow! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh monday monday...

I really shouldn't complain. My big task for the day is my 11am hair appt. Beyond that I really can't say what I'll do. I have puh-lenty of work to get done, but sometimes after I get my hair did I like to just sit and pet it. Everyone does this, right?

Spring is problematic for me because I just want to travel and travel and shop and travel. New York in Spring! Paris in Spring! Shopping for adorable dresses in Spring!


I'm grounded. Citibank is my new "mom." Which means I need to get creative in my free time. sigh. so much for being an adult.

 My friend and I were talking the other day about how dumb we were when we were kids and we would fantasize about all the "freedom" we'd have as adults. My big fantasy was that when I was "grown up" and "rich" I would have an entire candy rack !IN MY HOUSE! filled aplenty with every different candy bar that I could choose whenever I wanted. THAT was the glory of adulthood!!

WHAT A LETDOWN man! I don't got no candy rack! WTF?

The American dream is DEAD my friends. DEAD!

See? CLEARLY I need a vacation!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm baaaaack. And New & Improved!

I was just in napa for 10 days. Vacation? Not so much. I basically went to emotional bootcamp. I know I know. Sounds TOTALLY lame. And I will never EVER divulge what we did there. Suffice it to say I am WAY nicer and WAY happier!

But don't you worry. I'm still a bitch. I'm just no longer a vindictive bitch.

Then I spent a couple of days with my sister who I never get to see enough of. It's so weird when I hang out with her because as different as we seem to be... HER=Hippie. ME=NOT....we are just SO.MUCH.ALIKE. For instance, when I completely ate it on her back porch, practically DYING, she couldn't even pretend to keep a straight face. Then later that night she goes out to her porch and I just hear her laughing and laughing and she comes back in all "I'm sorry...I just can't even look at where you fell without cracking up."


She is just SO lucky that I had already been to emotional camp and I did NOT in fact kick her ass. However I may or may not continue to teach her 4 yr old how to swear. People with kids should NOT THROW STONES.

See how totally different and peaceful  I am?

God Bless
Love & light
World Peace