Monday, February 14, 2011


This is the only lovin' going on in MY house.  But, awwwwww. This ain't SO bad.

....I mean, Zac waiting underneath the covers above them wouldn't be SO bad either.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Bieber

One thing I love, probably the ONLY thing I love about LA is that Spring happens in February. This is my mom's tree in her backyard. It's like I arrived don friday and BAM! There it was....

That inspired me to "Spring clean" my house. And by clean, I mean organize stuff and make it pretty AFTER the housekeeper leaves. 

Those are the jars my half n half comes in. SO CUTE, right? Seriously I hope the afterlife includes rooms filled with shelves and shelves of adorable jars!

And since I was already in the throes of spring, fever, I also went to the 3-d Justin Bieber Movie!! (insert teen screams) AND I went ON the paramount lot because, I KNOW PEOPLE.
It was nice to see the privileged offspring tweeners of Hollywood's elite power players gushing and gasping over the biebs. Justing Bieber is the great equal opportunity for all girl stalkers around the world!

I gotta say. I'm a belieber. The movie rocked. Made me wish I was a tweener NOW. All we had when I was that age was Ralph Macchio and the two Cory's. Barf.  Go see that movie! Baby Baby Baby ohhhhhh....

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Maggie's a Belieber....

You know. No matter what ANYone says....People who live in LA ALL want to make it big somehow. Well, Maggie has now had her big break! I'm nt gonna say if there was any "on set" romance, but let's let the screen chemistry speak for itself.

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Friday, February 04, 2011


I've decided this is going to be my new symbol for when companies/idiots totally do bad things. Like instead of WWJD?  It's just plain DDD.

LIKE The Washing machine delivery dude. WHO arrived 35 mins late after a SIX HOUR TIME FRAME.  With no apology to boot.

Because he was so late, I had taken the dogs out front for a mini-wee. I tell him the front door is open and to go ahead and start taking the old one out. He comes hopping out like 5 seconds later and says "you have a leak in your faucets and I am not allowed to install by the order of the Presdiency and Hogwarts."

I was all "WHAT?! There is NO leak in the faucets!"

And AS HE'S walking back to his truck he hand signals his partner to put the new machine back in, he says "yes there is and we can NOT install if there is even ANY leak. You'll have to call and re-schedule"

And I was all "HAY-ELL NO! WAIT!"

I run over to his truck like a wife pleading for her abusive husband to stay, and all desperate I go "NO! Wait! NO! You can NOT LEAVE! I have to have this machine!!! NO! THERE IS NO LEAK!!!"

And all calmly (SO like a man!!) he's all "Nope. Gotta reschedule."

And I just look at him and go "Why are you being such an asshole??"

And then he goes..." well I for SURE am not leaving the machine now!!" (which, he never WAS gonna leave it. I have played this tactic MANY times in my youth....Like when my brother was mean to me and I was all 'I  was GONNA GIVE YOU ALL MY CANDY, but NOW I'm not!')

And he drives away with my brand new washer. After I had waited ALL day. In dirty clothes.

I really had to resist the urge to run down the street and block his truck. But it was a BIG truck. And I still had the dogs. There is a certain brand of crazy that I will NOT exhibit in front of them.

I was so angry I almost melted into the cement on the spot a la our favorite wicked witch of the west.

I looked down at the dogs and Mick was totally ashamed for me.  His eyes were all "have some RESPECT for yourself woman!"

I waited until I was all alone in my car on the way to teach a class (poor suckers) to call and scream at the company. Without the disapproving glares of my dog.

The HAPPY end of the story is that when they came again,  it was a new delivery guy who was all "there are no leaks here! That other guy who delivered this was an ASSHOLE!"


I gave him a $20 tip.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Nobody puts Baby in the Corner! NOBOBY!

I had to shut the dogs in my room for a whole two minutes yesterday when the washing machine delivery guys were here. I almost didn't even wanna open it again cuz those feet cracked me up.

This is SO representative of how I feel when I get to the See's Candy store and it's closed.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Beverly Hills Housewives Reunion Re-Cap

I was gonna recap this for you all in SOME way. But Oh did I find a good site. And I could never top it! So, run along and enjoy...And tune in tonight for part TWO!!! Can't WAIT!