Friday, April 30, 2010

I have been SWAMPED with home renovations. And when I say "renovations", I don't mean like how you all rip out your kitchens and tile your own bathrooms and such. I mean paying my housekeeper's hubby to paint my walls AND totally organizing every single cupboard and shelf in my ENTIRE place. And get this....EVEN THE GARAGE!!

Every single bill now has a file folder.

Every drawer is no longer scary.

The light bulbs have a home.

The Glad containers all have COORDINATING LIDS!

I only have two more rooms that need paint but I can't decide on the color yet. Are you riveted? I think I could work this whole post into a novella.

Get ready. It's a long one...

Living room. The yellow is NOT this crazy neon. I hope.

DIning area


MY NEW OFFICE!! This is now my favorite room in my house.

You don't even KNOW how scary this closet was. The housekeeper used to duck in order to get to the vacuum.

My Bedroom. I promise this is the first day THIS YEAR my bed has been made. So don't think I'm all that fancy.

WOuld you check out the mad or-GAN-I-zational skillz!!

Guest bedroom. Cat from Pottery Barn

Ahhhh. A peaceful laundry room!

Mick was exhausted with it all.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe/sandal combo.

They're Baaaaa-aaaaaack! With a vengeance!

The ever popular BANDAL! We thought they went away last season?? OHS NOS!

For the, uh, cowgirl? in us all.

oooh. For the fancy nights out.

The MOC Marten!


Time to tighten those boot, ankle straps!

Wearing these with socks is ALMOST as pretty as wearing Birkenstocks and socks. ALMOST.

You'd THINK they'd be as cheap as they look? yah. Not so much.

I don't think I've ever, ever, EVER been so UNtempted to buy shoes in my entire life.

And they don't call them "bandals" (my original term!) They call them "hybrids."

Oh, and hey, you biker bitches out there? Don't worry! We have some for YOU TOO!

I simply canNOT wait for UGGS to jump on the bandal wagon!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Tuesday. yep. Tuesday.

"Gross. People who vajazzle should have their vaginas taken away, They can have them back when they are ready."
-gabe delahay

I have been on a mad organizational tour. Remember when you were young and you had some stupid school project due, and then you procrastinated and then your mom was all "you know, it will be worse in real life!" and you rolled your eyes and were all "WHAT. EVER. HEATHER." That's what I was thinking about all weekend as I was covered with dust from digging stuff out from under my office desk. (and when I say "office" i mean making a super cute desk with all kinds of matching adorable officey decor and I get to walk by it and be all "OH! soooo cute!!" And that's the extent of my "office." I mean, sometimes I sit in my really cute "office" chair and look for a stamp or something, or stare at my pretty sharpie collection. But other than that it just looks DAMN good!

But so I spent all weekend organizing. And the ONLY reason I did that was to put to use all of the Liberty muck I bought at target that I justified by saying to myself "I will totally organize my office (and maybe even do my taxes on time!) if I buy all this cute officey looking stuff...ooh! A floral piggy bank! Perfect bookends!"

I'm gonna post pics very soon. So I am SURE you will be checking back every hour on the hour for THAT excitement.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mid Life Crisis?

Who, Moi?

So. I'm Blonde again. And even though my stylist INSISTS on giving me "The Rachel" cut of 1994, I am in LOVE with my new goldi-locks.

I mean, at least until I have to wash it and the clock strikes midnight and it turns into this

Which it will. But for now, I LOVE being able to wear pastels again. And.. and.. frosted lipstick. And everything else age inappropriate. I think I'll go to the mall later and see what's new at Wet Seal.

I'll be sending a pic of my red convertible next week.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's like a post, only without all the word bits

I've been falling down the Target rabbit hole as of late. Is going to 4 targets in one day in search of PLASTIC CUPS a sign of mental illness?

No matter. I've also been obsessively playing 'words with friends' (aka scrabble) on iphone (didn't take too much for them to come up with THAT snappy name, huh?) I mean, I will totally stop soon. I'm SURE I will. (in case you're interested my handle is 'peeweerocks')(you know, I'll quit tomorrow.)(or maybe monday! yah. I'll stop Target and "scrabble" on monday!) (thats PEEWEEROCKS)

Now, you just make SURE to watch this. Even if you already have. Because it almost made me happier than my trunk full o' Liberty crap and coming up with the word 'hafted' for 48 points. Never heard a that word before, but I hafted to tell you about it.

(even if you're all "I'm not in the mood to watch this" Just DO. At the VERY least get to minute 1-1:20 and THEN if you are STILL not in the mood skip to 3:59. You're welcome. (peeweerocks @ words with friends)

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Proverbial Easter Basket

I woke up this Easter morning, and missing the whole Easter Egg Hunt of Easters Yore (Yore! yes, I'm 80) I went around my house and "hunted" for all the new things I'm obsessed/in love with right now. SO, consider me the Easter Bunny and here is your "basket"

1. I love these three products so much that when I shave my legs, I do one leg with the Pomegranate and the other with the Cucumber/Melon. I know. I'm a female nerd, and these are my D&D characters. That Razor is crazy smoothe (I forget the brand) and the shaving creams are like lotion and your legs are crazy soft after. I got them all at Target. of course.

2. This Liberty of London for Target candle (SOMEone had a target binge this week) (or two) Not only are they pretty but the best part...$10!!!! Seriously I haven't liked a candle under 30 bucks in forever! Which means buying 3 is totally acceptable!

3.HELLO KITTY KEY COVERS!!!!!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

4. Magazine holder thingies from Container Store. YAY CONTAINER STORE!

5. Also up from the Container Store, the PURSEKET!! Seriously, I don't know how I lived without this. I always have big purses and there are just never enough pockets. WELL, This bad boy carries everything so I don't have to root around for stuff anymore AND it rolls up to fit you bag!

6. My coffee Grinder and Nespresso Espresso Machine. The Grinder for function, the Nespress for HOW CUTE IS IT!!?!? These actually aren't new, but this morning I was like "I LOVE YOU"

7. This ADORABLE art work my really great blogger friend got me for Christmas. It makes me SO happy when I see it. I don't know the artist but I'm sure she will post in the comments. Just goes to show how blogging can be fun AND profitable! We only met in person like 2 yrs ago and how well does she know me!

8. I WAS totally over the whole Sigg craze. But then I saw this one with the bumble bees and I couldn't resist. Unfortunately I got it and the-store-who-shall-not-be-named. Oh well. Still love it!

9. Mick's rolling his eyes at me. He does it all the time. He's over life with me. And it cracks me up lately. He's for sale at the right price not for sale.

10. I forgot to take a pic of these, but LOVE them. More for the adorable packaging. But still. LOVE. This LOOKS like a regular sized package, but it's like MINI....fits in your hand. If dryer sheets can be adorable, well then, these are it.