Friday, April 28, 2006


K, so after class tonight I had the ultimate "reality check," as it were. This sweet (read: mean and spiteful) asian lady comes up to me and says "when your baby due?" I was leaning over, so I looked up because I THOUGHT she was talking to another student, but she was looking at me. HOPING I heard wrong, I said "huh?" and she said "your baby due next week?" (stupid stupid bitch!) So apparently, not only do I look pregnant, but I look 9 months pregnant?!!!!!!! Come ON! okay okay, I put on a few...but 9 MONTHS!?@! I hate everyone.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

diet days...

Dieting seems soo, 80's. I ve probably been on one my entire life, since I have memories, I have diets. I can remember any era, every old picture, which diet I was on. I'm not gonna bore you with all the detailed diets, you know them all anyway. But do you remember the "drops" diets. those super expensive weird drops you could at first, only buy from "drop dealers" and then you could buy them at a cart in the mall. and they were NASTY and you put them in grapejuice and they were supposed to be a magic weight loss something or other. God...what was in those drops? I wonder if they ever ended up at the 99 cent store on the shelves with smurf party hats and rainbow brite bedspreads?
Anyhoo, I swore off diets for many years, but I was still yoyo-ing with weight. So I decided for medical reasons (read reference to "becoming crazy like my mother")to finally diet and stick with it to the END. We'll see how that goes. It's been a week...and a BAD week at that and I have stayed "clean." I'm only even writing about it right now because I just can't watch the entire "idol" voting results and NOT wanna eat ice cream, girl scout cookies (they call my name everytime I open the freezer for ice cubes for my protein shake) and anything else in my freezer. SO I write.

Monday, April 24, 2006

mochas with whip are the new 'gateway' drug...

Seriously, I just had a triple mocha at my favorite coffee place, with whip, after 5 dieting days of just coffee with soy milk,(I felt I deserved a treat, and a treat for me is the triple mocha and the new 'in touch weekly')(lindsay lohan has a new movie coming out)and I figured, okay mochas aren't THAT bad. It's not like I'm eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's or anything CRAZY like THAT! It's do-able in diet land to have a mocha, and then just skip lunch and have a sensible dinner of salad leftovers...and as I was drinking it I had new thoughts of "hey why don't I just have a 'treat' lunch @ taco bell too?" and then as I was reading about Tom hank's hair in Da Vinci Code, I thought "and after taco bell I could just have another 'treat' of onion rings, and well, screw the whole day then, I'll just have a 'treat' day! and then I caught myself. It never can be just a mocha....sigh.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I just taught a class, took a class and had a big healthy type salady type dinner. and I AM BEAT. my joints ache and when I got up to go to the bathroom @ the snazzy restaurant I had to brace myself on the chairback. It's official. I am entering granny faze, and there was no one to point that out quicker that my half-deaf dad who, when I got my salad boxed up (I only ate half...I was "full")(that's what you say on a diet when really you want to order 5 more things, preferably burgers and sundaes)and I said "yah, well I can have this for lunch tomorrow" and he said "that's what old people do." I wanted to ditch that salad so fast, when minutes ago I was so excited about my lunch prospect for the following day. damn. oh well. I guess if taking leftovers home with glee is geezer central then sign my saggy ass up for BINGO!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A newsworthy week....

WOW! What a busy news week...Tom and Katie delivered, Ace is OUT and Jade remains on ANTM too too long. I have started a diet because gaining 50 lbs when you move to LA is BAD. Very very bad. Also my therapist said "you are going to have to remain active for the rest of your life or you will become bi-polar like your mother" Hey...I mean if there was ever a motivator for a diet..that's it! Haven't had a twinkie since he uttered the magic words " your mother." That was it! No trim spa for me. baby.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


ugh, I feel sick and sllowoowowwww today because I have been eating all those half price easter chocolates allll day. I think there is a screw loose in my brain(gee ya think?) where SOMEhow I equate half price as half the product. So like for instance(because this needs further depth) if I buy something at half price, which means I'll buy 2, then I can eat both but it's really like I only at one because I really only paid for one. THAT my friends is how my keen mathematical brain works. I think I inherited this madness/genius. SO if I wanna be an optimist (and after all I DO TEACH THIS IN YOGA) then I will have to go with genius! I am not half empty, but half full, only I am fully full because I ate too many half price things. hmmm. I think I am creating a brilliant (!) S.A.T. question/essay! God I'm smart. (The real trouble happens when Safeway does their 10 for $10 sale) But none of this matters at all, because the REAL issue/topic for the day is will ACE YOUNG survive tonite?

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy EASTER!!! (half price!)

I just spent the entire morning stalking See's candy stores b/c their easter chocolates go half off the next day and I KNEW it would be a race to the marshmallow eggs. I got there a little early (wasn't sure what parking would be like at location # 1) and there was already a small crowd of what can only be best described as Senior Citizens, but I mean...BARELY...I think they surpassed that category as I believe they were all in their early hundreds. I am NOT kidding. I need to start carrying a camera with me. As I walked up (clearly I was "late" as one woman said she'd been there since 9:30. it was 9:55. they open at 10.) Same woman looked me up and down and said "you can join the club!" She was the self appointed leader. In fact when the doors opened and the mad rush began, walkers and canes flying every which way, she directed people by who got there first. and was telling other seniors "no, this lady was first...the gentlemann was next..."
Anyways, I BARELY got my bordeaux eggs and foil bunnies out unsmashed. As I was leaving one, umm 'larger' granny (I was looking at my future, really) was explaining to the sales lady about her big stash "these are for the ladies at my church, THEY just love this stuff...."

NO MORE Indian food! (at night anyways...)

K, so I woke up this morning after a fitful night of stress dreams, and not just one stress (like your typical 'you're a waitress who can NOT get to all her tables and all the customers hate you' or 'you're a high school student again, but at your same age now, and you are about to take a test you didn't study for)No, this again, was EVERY stress I could ever have in one long drawn out movie. This is the second time this month I have had that occur and BOTH times were after an indian dinner! Now, I ask, was it that particular restaurant? Indian food in general? Or is it isolated, like I can eat indian food, but just not the samosas?

Well, I WAS going to go to India next winter to do some yoga...but Then what would I eat? I would be a skinny SKINNY yoga girl. And let me tell you, I have done MANY crazy wacked out things in the name of weight loss(the cabbage dite, the lemonade diet, the tic tac and lettuce only diet) but THIS sister, is just not worth it!

PS...what happened? is this also a product of granny-hood? I used to be able to drink a bottle of vodka WITH burgers from the mini-mart, and a whole bag of doritos and a dominoes pizza, topped off with a pint of ice cream and sleep like a baby!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I was trying to put a pic on my profile and this is where it went


Why? cuz after a WHOLE year of NOT blogging I am back? why? cuz I read her book "Bitter is the New Black" and I finished it today, saturday, and I have been angry ALL DAY. why? cuz I finished it. Seriosuly i have now been in 2 whole fights, one of which was while I was teaching YOGA. I almost punched a guy in the face who was being a rude uptight yoga asshole! (please, don't act like there isn't one in almost every class)(he's the one with the 'muscle tee' and brings his own mat)(and rolls his eyes because he has decided that I am incompetent as a teacher and he knows MORE than I do because his way is the ONLY way to do yoga)(and the one hwo tells the teacher how to teach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)GAWD! It's like when the pre-models on ANTM try to tell TYRA what's what. And you just wanna slap them (Hi Jade!)

But I digress...Normally I can handle rude-yoga-guy-who-by-the-way-is-like-60yrsold-and-should-only-be-taking-class-at-silver-hill-senior-day-camp but as I said, I was already pissed. See, when I get into a book that I lOVE LOVE LOVE, when the people become my friends, and then it ends, it's like a breakup. And this was a bad one miss Jen LANcasTER and her amazingly funny and sweet fucking book that made me never want to read again because it was so good and now I'm ruining my saturday cuz I am in mourning. seriosuly I just got up from a nap cuz I was too depressed to go to a movie.And I wandered aimlessly in Border's b4 my class and I was even too restless to get my usual mocha (that habit has been alive and well this past year)(I got one later) but I looked at every new book and practically spit on the reviews on the back. "oh yah...this new author is 'witty and charming!' HA! RIGHT! DON'T THINK SO!" "oh this new book 'will make you laugh till you cry'...DOUBT IT!" I was even angry that my other favorite author (Laurie Notaro) didn't have a new book out yet (jesus f-ing christ! It's been since christmas Laurie! What do you DO All day????)

I can barely type...I'm still mad. My commentary is up future great writers who are super funny and bitchy and love hostess products..."IF YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A CAREER IN WRITING YOU MUST PUBLISH 5 BOOKS AT ONCE AND THEN ANOTHER EVERY MONTH OR SO! (preferably every week, but I realize THAT may be a little crazy of me, and I'm not crazy)(for real, my shrink said I'm not, just my mom is)(he also said you're not crazy if you're AWARE that you're acting crazy...and I am ALL ABOUT AWARENESS) It's called COMMITMENT people. You wanna write? fine...but you gotta know your audience...and your audience needs MORE than ONE book. It's not fair! We had it so good...these last few days we were TOGETHER. Before I taught, after I taught, laughing over coffee. getting me through LA traffic. ( I know...I'm a multi-tasker...and the one you HATE on the road)and now...I feel empty. robbed. alone. when will I ever find a book like that again? when?