Monday, April 18, 2011

If this doesn't make your Monday WAY better I don't know what else will...


Kristina P. said...

Those poor guy's nipples! They must be freezing!

I'm pretty sure one of these guys is meant to be your husband. Hilarious.

Kelli said...

Ahhhhh! This was shot up at U of A Fayetteville! (AKA not far from me. OK, farish, but in my state.)
They filmed it during the ice in January I think.
Funny you posted it. While I was on vacation this past week it was played a million times. Every time we got in the car. It made me think of this video.

NIKOL said...

The creepy guy at his computer looked like a serial killer.

I think my favorite part was the guy pointing out the moon, moon, moon.

Kris said...

Perhaps the funniest thing about this video is the amount of drunken coed sex they are likely getting from it.

Except the creepy computer guy.

Lin said...

Thanks for reminding me what dumbasses college guys are. Okay, like only ONE of them should be allowed to bare his chest, the others are just flabby.

Do I sound old to you??? too.