Thursday, July 21, 2011

awwww...who needs a hug today?

My week has turned rather annoying. My brand new vacuum broke...AGAIN. And though this is about to sound very whitey elitist...I fear that it's not the vacuum but the housekeeper who has now broken my washing machine, vacuum...TWICE, expensive coffee grinder and almost the dryer.  And she doesn't speak english so I cant even yell at her.

See? Assholes need hugz too!


Kelli said...

Let's see if I can help. I assume she speaks Spanish right? If not, it's OK, all foreign people speak some Spanish. And I'm pretty good at it, I could tell when my waiter in Mexico stared at me, shocked that the gringo knew the espanol.
Try, "No mas dinero si tu persista dormando...." OK, maybe Brad's right. I can't speak Spanish.

Kristina P. said...

She is probably used to grinding coffee with her bare hands and has no idea how to use these first world country things.

Karen Peterson said...

Don't you have a butler? Because it's usually the butler that did it. At least at my house.

Lin said...

If you start docking her the cost of the broken items, she'll understand English then. AND she'll stop breaking stuff.

I'd be crabby too.

abalone said...

guess she broke the telephone too

Kris said...

I bet if you give her some hand-me-downs from your designer closet, she'll stop breaking things on purpose. And she'll stop pretending that she doesn't speak English.