Friday, October 06, 2006

little ipod on the prairie...

First there came the internet/cable combo package with the "movie" tier option.

(i stopped calling people in the evenings)

Then there was On Demand.

( i stopped calling going out in lieu of "catching up" on entire seasons of shows I otherwise would not have watched)

Then there was TiVo.

( I never left the house on weekends)

Then there were podcasts and ipod downloadable tv shows.

(patient could now leave the house armed with portable tv and make it to starbucks to watch missed shows. patient was able to function in outside world again and no longer sported bed sores from late nite Tivo watching)

NOW....they have made available FOR FREE missed tv shows that are now watchable online!!

(patient has retreated to bedroom with laptop and is now able to order meals on wheels while watching the CSI season premier from 3 weeks ago and answer emails all at once)

I feel overwhelmed. Having this much responsibility is too much for the modern woman. we can't just DO IT ALL. gone is the simplicity of the cleavers and the cunninghams who just had to turn the tv on and off. ahhhh...simple times. simple times.

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