Wednesday, October 11, 2006

when living in LA has perks...

I just got home from the WORLD movie premier of RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. I was in the presence of SO many stars I don't know where to begin.

So let's begin with the ones I physically touched...voluntarily or not (on their part) There was Joseph Phinnes (yes, you read that right greeps and riddle) (read on my friends, read on) and he is VERY cute in person, and way younger looking than you might imagine. And then there was my intense connection with annette benning and warren beatty. I didn't touch them per se, but we certainly connected as we stood back to back. And then there were the brush-by's with cheryl hines and jill clayburn and jacqueline bisset...just to name a few ole chums from the h'ood. Dave Navarro and I waited for our cars from the valet station and I think I handed a fork to kristin chenowith.

but the MAIN event, the highlight of my life, was meeting and shaking hands with Augusten burroughs himself. If you haven't read RUNNING WITH SCISSORS or DRY or MAGICAL it now! And then see the movie because it's really great and I would say more but I am so overwhelmed by my "peers" tonight I can't think straight. if I had more nights like that I wouldn't even need a shrink!

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greeps said...

who is jospeh phinnes? or the othe rpeople you mention for that metter? and who is your roommate?