Thursday, February 01, 2007


I am playing hooky today. I subbed out my class and am going to spiff up the guest room, hang my amazingly cute pictures of my amazingly cute dogs...

...and then do some yoga and stuff. right now however, I am watching regis and kelly. I am still reeling from the lame-ass TOP CHEF finale. Marcel lost. :( And more importantly he was a sore loser which THANK GOD, because THAT was the only entertaining part. he shoulda won. and TOP DESIGN? pffft. borrrrrrrring. could todd oldham BE a more lame ass YAWWWWNNNN host?

anyhoo, this is fun. taking a day off for NO REASON. I have nowhere to go. nothing to really do. don't have to fake a cough. don't have to clean (lucy polished my ugg boots) and don't have to pay any bills!!! wooohooooo. I highly recommend it.

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doradrama said...

I love this photo!