Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I can BARELY deal with all these grey hairs that are getting INCREASINGLY difficult to pluck (my right temple is becoming quite bald) not to mention the new little spider veins creeping behind my knees...but today was icing on the alzheimers cake when I was just chilling on my couch, half watching regis and kelly, half trolling ebay, when my boss called and I answered cuz I thought maybe she wanted me to cover some no show or something. turns out I was the NO SHOW. I was supposed to be teaching a class and I 100 percent forgot. how lame is THAT? I FORGOT!!!!! And, unlike in my youth when "I FORGOT" was a half assed excuse, it is now a serious offense to my youth, because i actually forgot!!!!


what is WRONG with me? I was SO mad all day that it put me in a horrid mood that not even zoloft or the season premier of ANTM could touch.


abalone said...

welcome to our world!!!

peewee said...

no no no! there is no OUR WORLD, dad! YOU are practically signing the contract for SHADY PINES SILVER SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY. I may have forgotten to go to work, but you have trouble keeping track of the names of your grandchildren. Our world indeed!