Thursday, August 14, 2008

There are a few reasons I have gone MIA.

1. I was innocently listing my old iphone on ebay and I got sucked right into the vacuous hole of "bargains" on ebay. This isn't even past tense. I am checking my bids as we speak. I already won a Diane Von Furstenberg dress ($69!!!) and have several other auctions in the works. oooh, I also SCORED on the iphone sale...$600!!! If you have an old iphone...SELL IT. (and to think, I almost 'gave' it to my brother!)

2. I have some sort of throat/ear/sinus infection. it keeps coming and going. I finally went ti the doctor and was told I can't work out for two weeks. yah, I drove home in tears. tears of JOY! So that makes my life pretty boring too. Yet, I have WAY more energy. More enegy to ebay!

3. This whole condo buying thing is the most stressful pain in the ass thing I have ever done. EVER. When My gay friend got excommunicated from his church, he had to sit in front of like 12 guys, and go over all his indiscretions, which I am pretty sure are called sins and him being gay and all, there were a LOT of sins to be accounted for. I don't really remember or know what went on in there, I just remember how horrifying it would be to sit in front of 12 men who were all "....item number Three Hundred Twenty Two: tell us about the incident behind the bleachers at the BYU game...WITH THE COACH...AND THE QUARTEBACK....AND THE TUBA PLAYER!!!!!!" Well, That's how I FEEL going to every different bank to get my loan and pulling out my credit report. over. and over. and over. I have now been "excommunicated" from Wells Fargo, FIrst Republic, and Charles Schwab.

That's about it. Oh, and also season 4 of "Rescue Me" is on DVD. And there are a LOT of good books out now, books I haven't even begun to read! tragic.


I have to go re-do my '07 taxes now. Seems I left off a few things. That's SO FUN. I might be excommunicated from the government soon too.


dede said...

how in the world did you sell your old phone for $600??? why don't you come over are rummage through all of my old stuff and then you can put it on ebay for some unreasonable price and we will split the profits - sound good??
have i told you lately that you are hillarious!

whore said...

WHO told you about the tuba player??!!

good luck whore. the big secret no one ever tells you is that buying a house is an exercise in pain and humiliation. of course, some of us end up liking that kind of thing. just sayin.