Friday, July 23, 2010

more hassle than birthing a kid.

It all started with one email.

Be sure to bring these items with you:
• A valid, government-issued photo ID
• Your Social Security number
• A debit or credit card
*your right eyeball
*proof of American citizenship (arizona only)
*SAT score
*Notarized letter from President of the Unites States stating you are worthy of owning iphone 4

honestly it was downhill BEFORE that email, whence I had to sign up for the damn phone and get on their "waiting list" where you had to GO INTO the store itself, whereupon (see how I'm actually USING my english degree here?) a high and mighty "genius" put you on a waiting list by going to the mac website and adding my name. Something EASILY done at home. But no. They make you work for it.

Long story longer...
Had to pay $60 IN SALES TAX. On a $199 phone. hmmmmm. That's some FUNNY MATH
Found out AFTER I got home that my operating system doesn't meet the precious baby's "requirements"
New operating system is $169
Purchased said operating system...My computer doesn't have enough memory for said operating system.

OBVIOUSLY I returned the phone, right? RIGHT?!?!

I feel like one of those ladies whose boyfriends beat them up every friday night after they've lost their paychecks on black jack and bud light and I'm all "but he LOVES ME. He'll change eventually. HE SAID HE WILL!!!"

The shame.

But hey. call me! face time!

oh. and ps. the phone barely even works as a phone. I now need to get a "bumper" for the baby so I don't drop every call. What's next? an i-bjorn carrier?


Kristina P. said...

Did you leave your left eyeball at home? Was it being cradled in a pirate's patch?

rychelle said...

iphone = homeless cats. damn.

Counselormama said...

That video is hilarious! I had the hubs watch it cuz he is on the waiting list as we speak!

Melanie J said...

And I'm at the very other end of the phone tech spectrum. I got a new one in January and I wanted one that had a QWERTY keyboard for texting but didn't require internet access. I'm telling you, that's the new holy grail. I was nearly forced to pay $25/month to surf the internet with my phone whether I wanted to or not. Turns out there is ONE phone in the T-mobile universe that could save me. Sheesh. I can't have phone internet. I already ignore my kids at home in favor of the internet. If it was on my phone? I might never see them again.

Jillybean said...

I still want the iPhone 4, but I need to wait until our contract is up with our current wireless provider, however, I don't see how the iPhone could drop any more calls than our network does now.
I would just feel more cool if I had one.

Kris said...

You replaced Tslave with an Iphone? All the same expense and frustration...less gangsta rap.

I will explain It all said...

well I'm sure it was well worth it right?? I own a backberry, not sure wen I'll make the change, most likely when my contract expires, that was a funny video BTW!