Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things I have enough of....

1. Missoni/Target stuff.**

2. Dogs.***

That is all. 

** I WAY hoarded and overbought. I couldn't help it! My friend and I drove to the GANG area of LA to get this stuff. I WORKED for it! If you want any kid stuff or shoes, lemme know cuz I would rather send to you than return it. Sadly, every time I weed through it all to take stuff back, I can't part with any of it.  That whole non-materialistic part of yoga training didn't really take.

***That little one is up for adoption. I Swear. I AM NOT KEEPING HIM. He is a FOSTER pet. It's all the rage here in LA. Anyone who's anyone fosters an animal for some rescue group. Rescuing kids from Africa is SOOOOO 2008.


Carin said...

Awwwwwww...Mick wants to play!!!
How can you tear them apart!? :)

Kris said...

I seriously need to be notified if you ever have a garage sale. I will make the drive!

peewee said... need a dog...right????

NIKOL said...

What kind of kids stuff or shoes do you have? Because...I have kids, and I have feet, and I can take some stuff off your hands.

I am drinking a salted caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks right now, and thinking of you.

rychelle said...

i second carin's comment - how could you tear mick and his new bff apart?!

p.s. did you get any extra missoni zigzag umbrellas?

abalone said...

when it comes to dogs, just remember all those anti-drug programs @mayfield, "just say no!!!"

Lin said...

Awww, but Big Dog LOVES to play with Little Dog! Or just have Little Dog watch while he acts like a nut.

Dogs are weird.

Uh, no thanks on the Target stuff. I had no idea what the big fuss was--I only heard about it after it was all gone. Sigh. That's my life.

peewee said...

Oh the zig zag umbrella! I missoni hunter's dream!

forever folding laundry said...

So are YOU the reason I couldn't find one of their blankets anywhere?
I bought Avery the rainboots.
It was all I could score.
So - hats off to you!

And I'm good on dogs.
I have my very own fat and lazy one
right here.


Karen Peterson said...

My mom's been fostering dogs for several years, but she keeps adopting them.