Monday, February 21, 2005

dumb girl gets wired

well well well, yoga provides so many links to the inner self...none of which includes blogging! My friend looked at me, mouth agape, as I asked what the hell blogging was. I may as well have asked "what the hell is the world wide web?" So here I am , making up for lost time. How did I let this whole world forum just pass me by? Is it because I'm old now? Out of touch with my peers? (no, my peers, after all, are busy chanting away,tuning OUT) I still don't totally "get it" but whatever, now I can say I'm in the know. I just feel sad, like Daily Candy and In Touch weekly and Regis and Kelly somehow failed me miserably.

1 comment:

Joe said...

whore, welcome to the new mil! you'll love blogging. it's like a journal but better, because there's always the chance someone's watching.