Tuesday, February 22, 2005

ho hum

K, I haven't read anything smart today. I took My new In Touch weekly with my Bagel from Murray's on 6th and hunkered down to some d-lish "news" for the week. Breakfast with the celebrities is sooooo good! Murray's puts about a pound of cream cheese on their bagels, which is half the reason I go...so I had a heart healthy, mind healthy morning! So, here's my editorial on my morning read...I hate how obsessed every tabloid is with the olsen's weight...and then Kirstie Alley's weight...mary kate is too thin and Kirstie is too fat! I mean come on! Is the news so boring that this is what we need to visit over and over again?! I mean Mary kate is clearly on coke and Kirstie is clearly on donuts! Maybe if they started to make a coke and cream filled buttermilk bar then we could have some balance in this culture!

1 comment:

Joe said...

coke and donuts is like, the best diet ever.

my thoughts: the olsens are too, too, over. who cares whether those little monkeys are 95 lbs. or 200?