Saturday, March 05, 2005

the ultimate shame

K, so I just disvovered blogging, right? and then i get this email from my dad...about his new blog site!!! How did this happen? How did my sixty million year old father and i find a common link...on the INTERNET?!?!? (well, maybe i'm being a little harsh least we're not sharing porn sites...right?!)(I would NEVER go to I have spent my 34 years distancing myself from my inevitable polish roots. I just tell everyone I'm mexican and leave it at that, and yet here i am, full circle, in polish land, blogging right along with my dad.

Holy this the new bonding for the millenium? Are senior citizens allowed on this thing? shouldn't they get a license or something to operate a computer? Is it good for their rheumatism to be typing all day? Isn't the screen hard on their glaucoma? Dad...are you reading this? Get a nice hobby! gardening is nice for your people. scrabble? shuffleboard? lawn bowling? bingo at the senior center? trying different anti-balding treatments? Isn't there ANYthing that could occupy your time, you last few moments on this planet?

I really don't want my sentences to read "yah...the other day my dad and I were blogging...and he pissed me off so we blog-fought...but then we kissed and blogged up."


yogi said...

you have incredibly naive and gullible friends/acquaintances if you're passing yourself off as a beaner with a name that ends in "ski" - perhaps the ethnic gods are telling you it is time to come out of the closet and maybe even reconsider the gene pools from which you have chosen said friends!!!

Joe said...

elk is right, peewee. for the record, we NEVER bought the whole bit about you being a mexican. we were just being nice.