Wednesday, January 31, 2007

i don't know

I really have nothing to post. But am sitting here and nothing is on TV, waiting for the TOP CHEF finale (in case you were wondering i am rooting for Marcel and his foam dishes)(and ONLY because it will make all those other asshole contestants SO mad! heeehehehhe) so I figured I would just write something. so um, let's seeeeeeee....

These are some pressing issues in my life.

1. The one and only bill that's NOT in my name is the cable bill. I hate feeling so out of control here. We have no DVR and my "roommate" keeps saying that he is calling, but I suspect like all hollywood people he is lying. So i am bitter every time I miss something good and am secretly plotting SOME sort of revenge but can't even THINK of anything that would be as torturous as NOT HAVING A DVR!!!!

2. we have a new maid. her name is Lucy. she brings her husband with her on sundays. they clean like CRAZY and make me so uncomfortable that I now can't come home for a nap after my sunday classes, because Lucy and mr. lucy will be hand scrubbing the inside of the vacuum and ironing the dogs and I can't just plop down on the newly fluffed couch to watch TV and eat a snack while they are breaking a sweat. So this week I actually went to yoga. Maybe this is what will get me to lose weight. i will be a size six in IRONED jeans!!

3. I went to get my Zoloft refill prescription last week and since it's a new year I guess I have to do the deductible again, only I didn;t know that. So when the pharmacist said "$78.85" I said matter of factly "uh NO. I only pay a co-pay" and he said "that IS the co-pay" and I said louder "NOOOOO. MY COPAY IS $25. NOT $78!!" and he said "welll, ma'am, maybe because it's a new year you have a deductible?" and I said now angry and very rude "NOOOOO! I don't start my new year until MARCH. YOU made a mistake and I don't appreciate you telling ME that I have a NEW deductible when in fact I KNOW I DO NOT!" and he said very calmly like he was talking to a psychotic "i do not know ma'am. we only go by your insurance. maybe they made a mistake and you could call them." and I said, still yelling and shaking "well YAH. I WILL. but the only mistake made was by YOU GUYS!! And I will NEVER come here again!!! and you shouldn't treat people like this!!!!!"

then I realized that I was in fact getting Zoloft and they were probably thinking "boy, she sure NEEDS that stuff!!"


4. top chef is on!!!! we're all saved!

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