Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mick Watch Day 5

I know I know, Pics of Kids and puppies...BOR-ING. I mean, I have nothig ELSE to write about. Except, I will go on record saying that I REALLY want a dog nanny. I woke up this morning, took them to the park, came back all 3 muddy, one whimpering, had to prepare 3 different bowls of food, then wipe all the mud paws off the floor, all the while keeping the older dogs from trying to steal the puppy's food and/or kill the puppy. WHEW! I was exhausted by 8 AM. I will bet MONEY that you will be seeing dog nannies pop up in the next 5 years. You read it here first folks!

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Sister Verdell Christiansen said...

hello fellow Crazy Dog Lady! we're forming an LA chapter of the IAWRSD and we'd like you to be a charter member!!

the Int'l Assn of Women Who've Replaced Sex with Dogs is the world's largest organization of prunes, old maids and has beens. please join today! our first LA-area potluck is coming soon...