Wednesday, September 05, 2007

spiritual spin

I just got back from spin class. I cried in my car ALL.THE.WAY.HOME. I cried allll the way down Sunet, LaBrea and to my garage. Spin class left me an emotional wreck. I know, I know, using the words "emotional" and "spin" in the same sentence is CLEARLY a sign that someone is in need of clinical psychotherapy.

uh huh.

I know I have been blogging about spinning WAY too much, and quite frankly, I only go once a week. So that just goes to show how VERY much it completely tortures you. It has never left me in tears on the way home, and worst of all, I wasn't crying about ANYthing.

Thank GOD I got home and DESIGN STAR was on, because I stopped crying IMMEDIATELY and started judging other loser's lives. What really gripped me was that they had a kind of contest where "deserving" families wrote in to get chosen for the design "stars" to go "enhance" their lives by re-doing a room for them. This just cracks me up.

FIRST of all they show one of the winning families who are giving their sob story. and first up was this full on white trash couple who video taped their "living room" Their carpet section was all moldy and coming apart, their blinds were literally all falling down, their plaid couches were so stained and raggedy you could BARLEY see the pink plaid showing through. Their linoleum was all coming up from the was a disaster. And THEN among all this wreckage, their baby crawling on the particle board floor, she says into the camera, practically fake crying "I wanna fix up everything but we just don't have the money. we are broke and we jus' wanna nicer place for our baby" BUT as she's talking you can't HELP but notice the BRAND NEW 60 inch TV in the background.


Then my next favorite part is when the "designers" go out to "help" these deserving families and you can hear the voice-overs saying " this is what I LOVE about being a designer...being able to change people's lives, enhance them you know?!"

ahhh, no matter how bad life can get, no matter how much a shambles spin class leaves you in, no matter WHAT your life circumstance, you can ALWAYS redecorate....or, at least watch it happen and make fun of it on TV.

either way, it changes your know?!


annie gray said...

umm... your blog is hilarious, Christy.

vanessa said...

hi. crying's sad.
you are hereby tagged. you have to like write some little know facts about yourself, post, and then tag someone else. now THAT'll raise your spirits.