Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fall is here!!

This is my MOST favorite time of year.
1. I LOVE daylight savings when it's the "fall back" one. (but I have to insert here, that on sunday when I went to change my watch, I was trying to remember what was what and I was all "fall forward...spring back?")(old age)
2. I LOVE when it actually goes below 72 degrees. here, 65 is CHILLY. ( there a "degrees" sign on a keyboard? I cant' find it.)
3. I know THE SEASON is officially upon us when I go to starbucks and they have the red winter cups. That? is like it's own holiday for me. The starbucks red cup day. I am happy that whole season. once the white comes back in january life is bleak again.
4. Halloween is my MOST favorite holiday for too many reasons to list here, but most of which, the next day is November 1 and THAT means that my birthday is SO around the corner. I feel like from NOV 1-NOV 17 I can celebrate. So, I buy myself presents and treats everyday until the big day when you all are SUPPOSED to buy my treats and presents. (consider this GOOD still have 9 shopping days and 7 shipping days!)
5. FAll is SUCH a good excuse for baking stuff. you get to pretend that you're baking stuff for other people, but really you eat it all. brownies, cookies, rice krispie treats....all in the name of holiday baking!!

I'm sure there's more, but I just can't list it ALL.


abalone said...

7. pumpkin ice cream at baskin-robbins...

peewee said...

nnnnnoooo....not so much.