Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It all starts with one scoop!

I went to baskin robbins today for a scoop of my newest addiction. It's the JAMOCA OREO.
That would be
JAMOCA (derived from the ever famous MOCHA) and
I mean seriously, The only other thing they could have added to that to make it more desirable by me would have been rice krispie treats.
So, I have had a "problem" lately because I can't seem to get enough of it. SO I went in today for my innocent ONE scoop in a cup and the lady says "that is our last container, we aren't carrying it any more, it's a promotion...do you want the whole container?"
WHAT? I do NOT want the whole container! Buuuutttt...maybe I should get a pint.
she gets the pint.
welll...mayyybeee I should get a quart then, you know, for the holidays.
she goes to get the quart and then turns to me with the HALF GALLON BUCKET and says "I will just fill this up for you and take $3 off the price. you want that?!"
uh. umm. yah. sure.
I swear to you on my life that I have never EVER bought a half gallon bucket of ice cream at baskin robbins. until today.
She crams the entire remains of the container into that giant bucket and puts it in a bag and then asks if I want a spoon!
Like I'm just going to eat it on the way home.
I was in a fog. Partly this was like a dream come true, a fantasy since childhood to walk off with the biggest conatiner in the store filled with my most favorite flavor.
and partly i was horrified and terrified I would in fact sit down and eat the whole thing.
I'm not saying either way what the rest of my afternoon went like.

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