Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am now in the last 5 mins of the worst day in my 37 yrs.

It's 11:55 pm, and yesterday at midnight, Beck went Missing. I haven't slept since. I look like a meth addict right now. My hair is a fraggle rock looking mess, and my eyes and face are swollen and red from an entire day of gut wrenching crying.

But someone found him at around 5pm. So he's back home asleep on his bed right now. I just picked him up from the person who found him. exactly 5 mins before he had gone missing the day before.

I have never ever known a pain like that. And I have never ever known the kind of joy and relief I felt when I read this email...

I got this e-mail today from a list I belong to and it sounds like your dog. I sent the person a link to your ad. I hope it's Beck.

I found a dog in front of my work. He seemingly approached me out of
nowhere, but obviously has been well taken care of. He's a yellow lab
of about 9 years old or so. He has a green collar with a decorative
pattern on it. No tags, obviously. He appears to have tumors on his
body and problems with arthritis. Overall he's incredibly sweet and
calm, however at moments seems a little scared of course.

I just couldn't leave him, nor could I just drop him off at a shelter.
He's clean, his nails are clipped. Someone obviously loves him and I
have to make sure they find him. I'm reluctant to bring him to a
shelter because you know why, but I must do something with him soon.
If my landlord realizes I've got a furry roomate it could mean big

Dog was found at Beverly & Poinsettia in front of MILK, where I work
at approximately 12:30am. I can be located at...

I had, as a last ditch effort, after an entire day of going to Los Angeles Animal shelters (depressing on a GOOD day) and pounding the pavement hanging signs, decided to leave an ad on Craigslist. I even felt pathetic leaving it, like just posting a craigslist ad was a sign of defeat, because, what are the odds?

Well, quite literally 5 mins later I got that email, from a random 3rd party.

So, Miracles do happen. Because THAT? was a miracle by definition. The girl who found him hadn't even posted a craigslist ad, she had posted it on yahoo, which I didn't even know about. And then some random woman, who, THANK GOD, had nothing better to do on a sunday, got that email from yahoo and then decided to just "look on craigslist" the very few minutes after I had posted it. So like, if she had checked craigslist 10 mins earlier, i wouldn't have my dog.

big breath here.

I am so exhausted, but I have energy to write because I had to just acknowledge that miracle today.

And, on another note, this being me and all, when Beck walked in the front door and Mick attacked him as usual with all the obsessive licking and annoyance that is Mick, Beck gave me a look that said maybe he was not so much LOST as ESCAPED.


dede said...

I am so glad you got Beck back home - I can't imagine how you felt! What an imazing world we live in, where we can just type something up and it is their for everyone! Hope you have a better, more relaxing day today!!

Carin said...

That is a miracle! I am so happy you found him! Thank goodness for people with good hearts!!!!