Monday, March 10, 2008

Gulty pleasures. Or not so guilty.

My friend dede just blogged about her guilty pleasures. She challenged readers to post their own. I mean, I have a WHOLE WEBPAGE around that. But anyhoo, here are some more..and I would say they were more like addictions, but I like "guilty pleasure better" cuz I don't think Betty Ford or Dr. Drew have a "guilty pleasures" rehab. here goes...

*lip gloss products. I have many. many are in my drawer untouched
*mochas (if you've ever read this blog, that's OBVIOUS)
*reality TV.
*Hannah Montana
*showtunes. Really gay ones. So gay my gay friends are horrified.
*donny osmond. (what? he's HOT)
*American Idol, but who's not?
*yoga pants...they ALWAYS fit and are SO cute and color coded!
*girl scout peanut butter sandwich cookies (luckily, seasonal)(like now.)
*pedicures, but I feel that's more a life necessity
*REEF flip flops, but again, NECESSITY
*easter candy. all of it. except jelly beans
*looking at my wrinkles in the "close-up mirror"
*Cupcakes. Vanilla on Vanilla.
*Baskin Robbins Mocha almond fudge ice cream
*See's Bordeaux chocolates
*People's Court.
*Costco Books (ALWAYS puts me over the $200 mark)
*Nordstrom. I could LIVE in there.
*Dog Collars. They're like REEF's for my dogs. they have many.
*In TOUCH weekly. (it's more the WAY I rush to the newsstand on thursday mornings than the actual magazine itself)(or more like that I KNOW it comes out on thursday mornings)(unlike US weekly, cuz that comes out WED morning)
*Sharpie fine point pens. I must have every color made. in doubles.
*RObert's craft store/paper. I have A LOT of paper. know...future projects.
*hello kitty crap. the tinier the better.
*saying "Totally" and "Fully"
*finding stupid stuff on the internet to blog about.

That's all I can THINK of right now. And luckily for me, outta time. Am meeting my friend at Nordstrom's for mochas and flip flop shopping. HA! ( I am actually so totally serious)

My list is WAY bigger than hers.


dede said...

peoples court? really? OK your list was longer BUT did I mention...
thin mints (on box 3)
picking out gray hairs
crushed ice
staying in hotels and...
LOVING all the useless info you find on the internet!!!
BTW - noticed you took almost a week off - couldn't put twilight down???

peewee said...

I am on the last chapter. And no, I could NOT put it down. almost made the guilty pleasures list, but was afraid to admit it!!