Tuesday, January 23, 2007

the lemonade diet aka...the master cleanse

I tried to go on the lemonade diet a few days ago. I bouht all these amazing meyer lemons, juiced them,started one morning and ended the day with a triple venti mocha. I failed.

sooo, what to do with all that lemon juice? well, I considered trying again today. I got the juice out, looked at it, told myself if I didn't start today then all that amazing lemon juice would go to waste, for motivational purposes.

Ended up making the MOST amazing lemon cream pie!!!! yummmmm....


vanessa said...

Wow. I totally wish I hadn't read this post. I've been doing awesome on my own version of a cleanse (Master cleanse would kick my ass) for the last 6 or so hours. And then I read this and I know what an amazing pie maker you are and all I can think about now is mmmmmmm... piiiiiiiieeeeee. I feel foiled.

Anonymous said...

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