Monday, January 01, 2007

NEW YEAR resolutions....why start off the year failing?

How the hell are you supposed to start your resolution on New Year's day when there are SO MANY leftovers to be eaten and half full bottles of vodka to be consumed and all the New Years sales happenning? Seriously it's completely screwed up and backwards. If you're gonna have a resolution (IF) then make it a valentine's resolution....arbor day resolution...presidents day resolution...something that is just more CONVENIENT than this crazy "new year's resolution" nonsense.


callmejen said...

Hey Ms. Thang-

Granny Van gave me your blog. I have one now too (can't be left out...)...

Enjoyed your posts!

Granny~Van said...

Okay, you need to add "blogging" to your new year's resolution!! I've been waiting patiently for...EVER! Now, I'm impatiently protesting!!! Put down the Aderloft cocktail, and start pecking the keys!!