Sunday, January 21, 2007

okay okay...I'm still here

Sorry, I was in a New Year's downward spiral. THAT and it has been the week of all new tv shows like Idol and my super sweet sixteen, and the apprentice and the real housewives of orange county...and...and...and then with all the media fight between the donald and rosie, i simply had no TIME to blog.

But what was on my mind this week is this...what is the protocall during the holidays in regards to giving your shrink a gift? I mean, obviously, you don't give him a money bonus/tip or anything. I mean, they're already loaded. And then I thought "do I send a card?" But the only reason you send christmas cards anyway is to show off your perfect amazing successful life, and well, your shrink already knows how fucked up you are, so what's the point? and if you're a clepto, you just CAN'T give him a gift, cuz he'll KNOW. And if you're an drunk, then ditto on the nice wine/champagne option. Do you get him a nice box of guest soaps? but who ever visits a shrink? A mug? do they even DRINK coffee? A nice pair of socks for when he's visiting in-patients? And then if you do pick out a nice frame or tie, you then start to psycho-analyze YOURSELF "what will he think?" "does a box of soaps MEAN something" "will he open it and shake his head and say 'oh, she's worse than i thought' ?" It's all very confusing and I don't even want to ASK him because his answer would cost me like, at least $25 and that's the very amount I WAS going to spend on the shrink gift.



Joe said...

you are so in love with your shrink.

peewee said...

CLEARLY you didn't read my last post on "why you should never fall in love with your shrink"

Granny~Van said...

HAHAHAAA, why don't you give him some of the Bath & Body lip balm he's heard sooo much about!