Wednesday, December 03, 2008

just doing my part to make the season jolly...KK's FAVORITE THINGS PART 1

November was all about me. December is the season of giving. And I will extend my vast knowledge of the best gifts of the season. You may or may not want to give these to your loved ones.

This happens to be one of my favs. One, because it's an activity I want to regularly do to certain yoga people. and two, a little hint of violence and death in this season grounds us all, and three...imagine the awkward moment when someone opens this gift!

And then there's this creepy gem. Because who DOESN'T want an eye clock?? It sends the message "I WILL be watching you!" I think if you're a mother-in-law...this will be festive for your daughter-in-law. To hang over her bed.

Oh, and while you're shopping this season, try these.

festive, no?

Moving right along....

Ummmm, so, is there a matching wallet for this?

You might wanna give this to the hubby as a hint that maybe he needs to hit the gym more. I think stating your needs strengthens the marital bliss.

And for the teens in your fam...not YOUR teens, just your annoying younger cousin or something...sends the message to the parents...YOU know where this kid is headed. And/or for grandma.

And THIS I love. ESPECIALLY for someone in your fam you think may be depressed. OR someone going through a divorce. Either thoughtful and perceptive are you!!!!

What to get your boss. What to get your boss. I KNOW! Something for your boss's desk! Who doesn't love a snow globe? WHO?

And for the yogi in your life...your super Zen spiritual friend...A buddha head candle!! Burn buddha burn! Sure, it lLOOKS like a peaceful present AT FIRST. But then what happens when the wax all melts and there's nothing left but the buddha mouth? You'd NEVER see Christians doing a giant Jesus head Candle. It's beyond freakish. Which is WHY IT'S SO PERFECT FOR FREAKISH YOGI'S!!!

I actually love this. I mean. Who wouldn't? I think it's a good one for a girl. perhaps a hint to your single 50 something aunt marge? A hint she should come out already? Or your super girly gay friend...remind him he needs to butch it up a bit.

Ahhh, the bullet hole tie

A little reminder for the hubby with the wandering eye?

Look like a beverage dispenser of sorts? yah. no.

I wanted to save the best for last. I don't know who you'd get THIS for...probably for some lawyer or corporate executive in the bunch. The guy who has it all. Or your new girlfriend? Nothing screams LOVE like A WORM COMPOSTING FACTORY!!! And then you can be all smug and environmental.

And a little something to carry around this season while you "buy" your gifts (wink wink) Keep those store detectives on their toes.

Again, just makin' the season easier for ya.

You're welcome


Kristina P. said...

These are so funny!! I think you forgot a little knit item that you can use to make your hoohah a better place.

peewee said...

I know...but i didn't wanna copy you! I mean, I did wanna copy you, cuz that is THE BEST. It might trump the worm compost. MIGHT.

rychelle said...

"Get them for the squillions of stoners you're friends with."


loved them all.

thanks for making this year's shopping a SNAP.

dede said...

The time you must have put into that post - all the pictures - all the links - all the wasted hours on the internet - your the best!!

dede said...

you're not your - sorry

dede said...

but now you have a lot of comments, so I am not sorry!

dede said...

one more - I am in the giving mood!

peewee said...

i was all excited I had all these comments...but you know, thanks dede!

peewee said...

oh, and yah...that DID take me all day! Which just goes to show that I didn't actually get any actual shopping done, so I hope you ALL consider this my gift to you!

Granny~Van said...

Hahahaaa! Okay, the best two were the pillow for the whiner and the compost dudad!! OMG! Oh wait, and the knife set!! KILL me!

wonder woman said...

came over from kristina p's......these are seriously the best gifts ever. Bullet hole tie! Man with knives? --> perfect for hanging my necklaces and bracelets on so they don't get all tarnished. And I friggin LOVE the skimask with mustache. Hilarious.

Joe said...