Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the life of a shut-in

It's about this time, 8ish at night, where I get restless from being in bed all day. LUCKILY I have my blog audience to bore to death entertain!

This is the sick bed.

That pretty much covers my day. Remote. computer. book. two lazy NON sick dogs...AFTER they have already played on top of the bed, pulling the sheets up from the corners that I can't pull back since they are then dead weight who refuse to move. I have to wedge between the two since Mick has taken it upon himself to face plant into my new favorite ever blanket from target. Seriously, that blanket has saved me and is the softest blanket EVER.

Later in the day, I took them out and Mick decided to be cute and bring in the paper for me to read. he is SO smart and sensitive.
This is what you are NORMALLY shown about a retriever bringing you the paper. The ideal. The fantasy.

This? is reality. He was just trying to get the coupons out for me.

Note how he is mysteriously absent from this picture, like he was all "i ain't sleepin' on that mess!"

Now I'm just waiting for Top CHef to come FORTY MINUTES! UGH! that seems like FOREVER. I am ALMOST tempted to post all my New Zealand pics. The ones, where back in the days of yore (I feel like in december you should say "yore" and "behold" A LOT) I would have an ENTIRE slide show filled with every different field of grapes and bird that we happened upon. (also "upon") maybe if I'm still sick tomorrow.

And then? well, then, it would be cute pics of maggie from puppyhood until now. that's 5 yrs worth. WOOHOOOO! My readership would DROP from 6 to like 2.

ah well. Those desperate two will have some fun.


Kristina P. said...

That first picture is so funny! And Top Chef is on right now, but I'm watching Housewives of the OC.

dede said...

are you calling me desperate?? Hurry and get Lucy over to clean up that mess so you can feel better!

rychelle said...

i love a dog that's all about bargain shopping!

get better soon.