Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm thinking my new name will be "K money dawg"

Last night in Hip Hop, a brotha came up to me after class. He said, and I quote "GIRL....I don't know who you are but you BETTER be comin' back every single day because I saw you and you got it! GIRL...YOU.GOT.IT!(snaps his fingers)

Oh, and before you ask.
1. No, he's not blind (I don't think)
2. No, he's not special ed. (pretty sure)
3. NO, he's NOT from the insane asylum (most likely)
4. NO, he's not the owner who just wants my $$$ (is he?)

He just CLEARLY recognizes latent hipster talent when he sees it.

THAT or maybe he was just encouraging the poor fatty oldie whitey spaz in the back.


NIKOL said...

Sorry, babe. I will continue to call you Lady Bump until the end of time.

(insert disco scream here)

Kris said...

Clearly I underestimated you. You don't have to be initiated in my hypothetical street dance crew. You're IN!

rychelle said...

he...he he....he he he he....he....he

i heart you.

peewee said...

OMG I FORGOT!!! I am SOOOOO lady bitch bump!

Kristina P. said...

Was he high?

There must be some sort of reasonable expectation for his break from reality.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

You are clearly bringing the heat.

peewee said...

oh. yah. actually. he probably was high.


better go back and work on my grapevine/fist pump combo.

Karen Peterson said...

I think it's clear that he wants to continue to bask in your awesomeness.