Monday, September 20, 2010

just sad

Has it seriously been 2 whole weeks since I've blogged?? Seriously? I think this is a serious sign that all I've been doing for 2 whole weeks is watching HGTV. I'm on a downward spiral here. I probably need an intervention of some kind. I haven't even watched ANY normal shows (well, except the housewives and the kardashians)(if you can call those normal)(which you really can't)

ANYWAY....I'm even watching Divine Design as we speak. And yes. yes I have registered to win the Urban Oasis apt. in NYC.

Old age is not suiting me well. These are shows MY PARENTS WOULD BE WATCHING.



I've been taking hip hop classes. yah. you read that right.



Can we say DENIAL folks?! If I were a guy, hip hop classes would be my hairplugs.

It's tragic. I need a vacation. Or SOMEthing. Someone write a letter about me to Dr. Phil. QUICK! Save me!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. ANyone watching "thintervention?" HILARIOUS.


Kristina P. said...

You are so street.

rychelle said...

if hip hop classes don't inspire you to vlog, i don't know what would........

Lin said...

I've missed ya, pally. :)

dede said...

at least hip hop is less painful than hair plugs (well, maybe not to watch...)

why don't you unplug the tv and come see me :)

Kris said...

Now you have to come up with a street dance crew name so you can join my hypothetical street dancing crew. I'm K Dizzle. Our group name can be Cougarluscious. I be initiatied you have to vlog like Rychelle said.

peewee said...

oh yah. A vlog is SO in my future.