Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seriously. I can barely type. My fingers have melted into the keys. This has, thus far been the CRAPPIEST fall in the history of all Falls. Can I just tell you that it was 113 degrees on monday. 113! In downtown LA. They THINK, because actually once it hit 113 the thermometer broke.

Which brings me to the poor poor state of Ca that the entire city of LA has only ONE thermometer apparently. And YET Lloyd, the park caretaker at my local park, was showing off the new fancy park garbage cans which are electronic and have a light telling you when it's full or not. Hmmmmmm. Well, anyway, Lloyd LOVES those cans so that makes me happy. Especially since last month he was bitching to me about how he now has to take forced friday no pay furloughs. They can't pay the park people but they CAN pay for electronic garbage cans. hmmmmmm.

But whatevs. I saw two AWESOME movies this week. The Social Network (MUST SEE!) and Wall Street (ALSO MUST SEE!) When the weather is scary hot, movies are the way to go. So go see those movies!! (although seeing two movies where people are dealing in the BILLION dollar spending bracket, your target bargain buys may seem less significant)

And for my last am I supposed to buy hoards of halloween candy bars when it's too damn hot to eat them?????


Kristina P. said...

I believe the heat wave is because The Hoff was voted off, and his hotness isn't contained in the DWTS studio anymore.

rychelle said...

i blame kristina and her earth destroying ways!

Karen Peterson said...

This heat has just cracked me up. And now they're saying it might get chilly this weekend. My sinuses are a wreck.

Seriously, don't get me started on the California budget mess. Priorities in our state's government are so far out of whack it's embarrassing. But at least we don't have to deal with half-empty garbage cans!

NIKOL said...

I have also had to postpone my "Halloween" candy purchases due to the heat. Because, let's face it, the only really good candy is the kind that melts, right? None of those Smarties or Laffy Taffy for me!

My confession is that after Halloween is over, I usually grab up all the crappy fruit-flavored candy and put it in a bowl at work to get rid of it. We keep the chocolate for ourselves.

Kris said...

Who leaves chocolate around long enough for it to melt? No seriously, who does this?

peewee said...

Kris..NO ONE! THAT is how very hot it is. They melt from store to car. THIS is my dilemna :(