Thursday, September 02, 2010

It's always good to have goals.

Ah. For ONCE it's all chilly and foggy in sunny LA. I am snuggled up in bed, laptop on lap, mug of steaming coffee in hand, wrapped up in my new fluffy white spa robe, recently "purchased" from Fat Ranch Camp. ('gift with purchase' is what I say!) Life is grand....

....until it gets to 100 degrees today as the news is reporting. Yuck. I am the rare individual who HATES heat and summer. The word SEPTEMBER is like music to my ears. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year! YAY FALL! Anything ending in 'ember' is JOY JOY JOY!

Fall is like My New Year. I like to set goals and plans. THIS year I am turning the big FOUR -OH. So I am for sure diving right into mid life crisis mode WHAT AM I DOING WHO AM I WHERE AM I GOING IN LIFE AND WHY DO I STILL LOVE OREOS AT THIS AGE???

When I take an inventory of my life I have this...TWO Lazy ass dogs,

TWO of which I DON'T EVEN WANT, a very yellow living room, and a serious new addiction to House Hunters on HGTV. The fact that I even WATCH HGTV is s HUGE sign of crossing over to the dark side of adulthood. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Why do old people love homes so much?? I can't get enough of it. And when I do a tivo binge I feel dirty afterwards. I feel like HGTV is the new Lawrence Welk/Merv Griffin show. it just screams I AM OLD NOW. Well, at least I haven't started watching Wheel of Fortune and Price is Right...YET. (if you have to do a google search on Lawrence Welk and or Merv Griffin because you have no idea who they are? I HATE YOU)

SO. My goal for this new year? Marry rich and have a baby and have Candice Olson do a divine design on my nursery and kitchen. Shallow? sure. But all I have to say's all about the backsplash in the kitchen. Basket weave marble here I come!


Kris said...

You can't be considered an old fart when you have such a fabulous shoe collection. You have nothing to worry about.

When you cross over into a Lifetime Network addiction, let me know. I'll stage an intervention.

Kristina P. said...

Don't tell Kris that I am a Lifetime addict. Seriously, what gets better than a "You Can't Handle the Youth" marathon?

Your house is adorable.

peewee said...

I know KP! I crossed over to lifetime YEARS ago! And there's NOTHING WRONG WITH LIFETIME! I mean. EVERYONE watched those marathons all day on sat and sunday right? RIGHT???

rychelle said...

it's settled, we are TWINSIES!

i LOVE fall, most of all.

i HATE heat and summer.

i LOVE house hunters. NO LIE.

i believe candice olsen is the BEST designer of all time. (although, a pretty crappy dresser).

i think we were separated at birth. except, i am MUCH younger than you. ha ha ha ha ha

peewee said...

yyyyyahhhhh Rychelle...


ha, ha.

Lin said...

I love HGTV and Bravo. I can watch folks shopping for homes and home make-overs until the cows come home. And Candice?? LOVE her. Just wish I had the money to have either her or Jeff Lewis do my house.

Karen Peterson said...

My roommate calls HGTV the crack channel because she can't stop watching once she starts.

I love your house.

clay aiken's friend's half brother said...

did u know that on the price is right now, there is no commercial after the first game? it like totally blew me away.

Granny~Van said...

Umm, I've tried getting tickets to the Price is Right...THREE TIMES. What's it mean??