Sunday, October 17, 2010


This was just one of those magical days where unexpectedly EVERYTHING unfolds in a magical way.

Let me tell you about it.

- Dogs sleep IN b/c was drizzly dark day (my FAVORITE) Not rain. just nice mist.

-Have best Mexican Mocha over Skype with friends in DC. No, not Housewife friends, actual real live friend friends.

- Taught  one hour class where not one but TWO girlfriends come. (girl. friends. am not polygamist lesbian.)
 -No Asshogis come to class this morning. (ass+hole+yogis)
- Had incredible brunch where EVERYTHING ammmmmmaaaaaaayyyyyyyyzing. We keep saying that over and over, way only set of 3 lesbian polygamists can do.
-Brunch place CONVENIENTLY located next to Sprinkles. Clear choice. Get some to go.
 For later.

-Because housekeeper here all day, we decide is perfect day to then get mani/pedi's.
-mani/pedi place messed up credit card numbers and charged me 24 instead of 42!! (would normally point this out buuuuuuutttttt have walked out of this particular place with hack job TEN too many times) so. YAY!
-THEN decide HUNGRY!..... AGAIN! Obviously....CHEESECAKE FACTORY! Scored FREE cheesecake b/c had awesome waiter. New Peanut butter flavor! DIED.

-Had to walk off Cheesecake Factory coma...Nordstrom Obvious destination. Talk friend into getting her first pair Uggs. She buys TWO. (evil snicker)
-Go to kid section to get her KID first pair Uggs. She gets him TWO. (double evil snicker)
-Find out that KID uggs $40 LESS THAT ADULT UGGS!?!?!? ALSO find out can fit in largest possible kid size. Score Uggs for ME!!! $40 cheaper! Who knew?!?!??! (friend evil snickers)

-b/c of multiple Ugg purchases finally qualify for PLATINUM shopper status=FREE VALET FOR A YEAR!!!! (am loyal and good customer)
-Come home to sparkly clean house
-Make first fireplace fire.  SUCCESSFULLY. (turns out all it takes is "starter log"...who knew?)

-Put on new uggs, lie on couch, watch Sister Wives, Dexter. AND Kardashians.
-Is perfect day


Kristina P. said...

I am clearly jealous of your life. You are my Kim Kardashian.

whore said...

Yay! xo

Carin said...

That is the best day EVER!

btw...(are you sitting down???) I have never owned a pair of Uggs or a Sprinkles cupcake. :(

I guess, thanks to you, I will go straight to the kids section :)


peewee said...

well, we DO have the same initials!

Now, if only we had the same bank acct.

Counselormama said...

This does sound like the best day ever! Ok, what is the largest kid size they make???? I am on the lookout for some grey Uggs...

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I hadn't thought about the largest kids size shoes but that's a thought. My day stunk so I'm so glad you had a good one. Maybe it will cancel out my bad one!

peewee said...

largest kid size is a girls 6 which is a women's 8!

NIKOL said...

I secretly hate Uggs. Secretly. So, forget I put that into writing.

I openly love Sprinkles, and I wish the stupid San Diego store would open already. It said it was opening in Fall 2010. Fall started a month ago, people. Let's GO!

I clearly must have that peanut butter cup Cheesecake immediately.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

It is cruel to post that cheesecake as it looks SO delicious and I can't get any at 6:55 in the morning. The only thing worse would have been if it were in smellavision because then I would be at the mall, throwing a big rock through the window at Cheesecake Factory.

rychelle said...

we had a dark, misty day in las vegas too. LOVE!

Lin said...

Could that day get any better???! I think not. :)

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

That is a perfect day and I'm jealous. Mostly of the cheesecake.