Monday, October 04, 2010

It's not MSNBC....but it's close.

Ah. perfect morning. It's drizzling outside, kinda sorta almost chilly, hot coffee in hand. Dare I say it might be, gulp, FALL?

Last night I watched for the first time, TLC's Sister Wives. I literally watched it with my mouth open. FOR SOME reason I thought this was a scripted show which is why I haven't watched it up until now. I was kinda sick of the whole polygamy thing, Big Love aside. (I mean, they were the pioneers...HA! Pioneers! ha!... of the polygamy popularity) But a for real, real live reality show?? I was in Celestial Kingdom!

Seriously this is the best show. I mean the title is lame. I would have gone with say, The Real Housewive's Wives of Utah or Wife Hoarders or Say YES YES YES and YES to the dresses! or perhaps Wife Hunters. 

But the show! THE SHOW! Is just so good. I mean, these women canNOT hide their emotion. The main guy, Kody, is basically courting a 4th wife, Robyn, who was introduced to him by his first wife Meri. (WHAT is with the name spelling, you rogue Mormons you?!) (oh and don't get me started with the names in this show. One little girl is NAMED Banana) Anyway...the wives are all talking about Robyn who is much younger at 30, and one of them says "she's cute. Real pretty. Am I jealous? no. Kody's a good man. He deserves a trophy wife. He deserves a cute girl." And the camera goes over to one of the other wives who looks PISSED at that comment, like she is DYING to be all "BITCH PLEASE, I AM THE TROPHY WIFE"

What I realized, again, in watching this show is that I watch WAYYYY too much HGTV and that it's affecting my life. When Kody moved Robyn into a new house I was all..."Those aren't even granite countertops! No stainless appliances??? LAMINATE FLOORS???? Cheap bastard!"

So yah. My move to TLC from HGTV may be a lateral one, but I think it's good I branch out at this point in ANY direction.


Kristina P. said...

Oooh, thanks for reminding me I have it recorded! I will watch it right now!

I have to say, I was prepared to judge them a lot more than I did. Seems like this works for them. None of them were forced into marriage, they were adults when they got married, and their kids seem happy and well adjusted. Families with ONE wife could take a cue from that.

NIKOL said...

I will set my DVR. If only to see this person named Banana. That's worth the price of admission right there.

rychelle said...

i hope you are writing to TLC with your show title choices. i loved them all!

and, banana? seriously?!?

Karen Peterson said...

I haven't watched it yet. I have so much loathing for Big Love that I just can't bring myself to turn it on. But...I might just have to. I man, Banana?

Lin said...

And he would be the Mother F*****, right? Sorry, but this is just over the top to me. But then again, The Duggars creep me out too. Get off her, Jim Bob!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

OMG, he calls his kids pliglets! Your names for the show are the best! Wife hunters? Hell yes.

Kris said...

I watched the first ep and couldn't believe they were real people. I mean, a real dude with THAT HAIRCUT can get 4 women to agree to marry him?

Granny~Van said...

ROFL! I was thinking the samething Kris was...that hair! Is it a plyg thang? ROFL! Wife Hunters...bahahahhaa! Good one Gidg!