Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, you know. Monday stuff.

Seriously, when this movie comes out go see it. Even if you're all "I don't wanna." Just do. I saw it this weekend and not one, not two, but THREE people fainted at a certain scene. If nothing else it makes you grateful for your arms. For me, it made me grateful that I hate hiking and nature and therefore will keep my arms thankyouverymuch.

Subject changer:
Yah! That's RIGHT! Don't think you're gonna mess with me and my RAJ and QI and ADZ. (it's pretty sad that in my free time I actually look up J words and try to memorize them)

Has anyone eaten these? Cuz I can't stop and was just wondering. They're worse than Girl Scout cookies   because I keep saying in my head "They're GRANOLA bars, which = HEALTHY!

yah. that sums up my weekend.


Kristina P. said...

Anything that has Sweet $ Salty Nut in the title, I am all over.

Kelli said...

I adore those granola bars! I think in a year or so we will be reading that they've been laced with crack, because they're awesome and totally addictive!
I used to eat these quaker oat 'breakfast cookies.' Mostly because someone said it was OK to eat cookies for breakfast.

rychelle said...

i'm just glad to know i'm not the only one you BEAT at words with friends. :)

Lin said...

Is that the story where the guy had to cut off his own arm to survive?

Oh, we have those "granola" bars!! They are to die for. I like the Roasted Nut Crunch ones too. I nearly break my teeth off eating them, but they are YUMMY!

Karen Peterson said...

I totally remember that Aron Ralston guy. I was living in Utah when it happened and one of my friends tried to convince me she knew him.

I want a granola bar now. Why is every post suddenly making me hungry?

dede said...

you really posted wwf scores when I lost two times in a row???? (not that that is totally uncommon but WHATEVER!!)
Rychelle - you play??? Where have you been??