Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm in the mooooood for loooove....Pumpkin Pie Love, That is!


Nothing inspires me to shop like Fall. NOTHING! Here are my most favorite items right now. DO yourself a favor and indulge in at least ONE of these. Because You deserve it! (I really should write a motivational book, no?)(I would call it...Why to Buy: All the reasons to say YES at the sales counter!)

GET THESE SHOES! I've been over Kate Spade since early 2000. But She's back. With a Vengeance! A sparkly sparkly Vengeance!

PS. I don't get paid for ANY of this. But I should! RIght Kate? RIGHT?!?!?! (WILL WORK FOR SHOES)

And then take THIS with you to your pedicure place....
It's called Bad Romance.  'nuff said.

These are some of my favorite, because I LOVE the scents and two, because they're SO CHEAP!!! What's not to love? Just whisper those three magic words....two for one
Mrs. Meyers has THE BEST cleaning products ever. I have been a fan for ages. If you ever come over you will see my kitchen stocked and the best part is they have seasonal flavors too!! This year is orange clove. I ALWAYS rotate between Basil and Geranium. And they're won't break the bank. I heart this company. HIRE ME! only if employess get free samples

I bought this sweater yesterday as a treat for being SO GOOD on my diet. I say, when you can't buy oreos...BUY VINCE! I know it SEEMS expensive, but when you live in it every single day, AND YOU WILL, it only ends up costing like...I don't know. JUST GET IT!

EVER has the softest hoodies, well, ever. This particular one is my MOST favorite because it is all baggy and snuggly and and....put it on your wish list. 

Mmmmm. Caramels. These are my favorite. By far. They go oh so well with coffee. Yes. In the morning. Hey. whatever gets you through the day I say! I wish I knew the woman who started this company. We'd be friends. Better yet I wish we were NEIGHBORS! Would bring a whole new concept to "borrowing a cup of sugar"

I'm addicted to the shopaholic books (shocking!)(It's like I'm reading my own autobiography) when this came out I couldn't order it fast enough. I haven't even started it yet because I'm saving it for the perfect fall day. 

If you don't live near Trader Joe's....MOVE. They have these 100 calorie dark chocolate bars that are TO DIE FOR! AND only 100 calories!!!! There are 5 in a box. Which means they intend for you to have one a day MON-FRI. I'm SURE that's what they intended. AND they're only $1.99!!! Seriously I am so hooked on these that if you want to send me the $$$, I will ship them to you! **there's milk choc too, but haven't tried those.
K, Wallaby Yogurt. It's Yogurt. It's Dark Chocolate. I can't say more. I could only find it at stupid hateful assWHOLE Foods....but I'm sure they have it other places too. I think I eat one a day. They have a delicioso Lemon too. WHEN will these guys make a pumpkin pie yogurt?! PLEASE!!!!

Mistral is by far my MOST favorite bar of soap. You can't go wrong with the whole brand, but OH THE WINTERBERRY!   I usually find them at Anthropologie, if you wanna test the scent first. But trust me on this one. 

I could list about 20 things from Fresh that I can hardly live without. So many great bath products, so little time. But this is my newest favorite!!   (the nectarine lotion comes in at a close second) (oh, and the lemon sugar spray) (I'll stop) (this also matches the shoe/nail polish combo listed above)(just saying)

If this stuff doesn't make for one hell of a Fall evening I don't know what will.  



Kristina P. said...

You Trader Joe people! Stop taunting me!

And I NEED to get that nailpolish. I've been really big into the dark plums and purples on my toes.

NIKOL said...

This is a great post. I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaning stuff, too! I usually just get the lemon scent. I should branch out.

That cashmere sweater is so, so goergeous. I wants.

Which caramels do you get? The Vanilla or the sea salt? they both look amazing. Williams Sonoma had these chocolate dipped sea salt caramels once and eating them was like a religious experience.

rychelle said...

reading your blog is dangerous to the health of my checking account.

Anonymous said...

I need some lemon sugar spray.

Kris said...

I need to get a manicure just so I can get that color. LOVE!

I seriously want to work for either Sephora or QVC. I actually look at their career webpages. If only their headquarters were in my city. I would be the most devoted employee EVAH! Sigh!

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

I am SO getting myself a Bad Romance pedicure. That color is awesome.

vanessa said...

Wow. I miss you.

vanessa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
peewee said...

Nikol...SEA SALT!!!!

Vanessa...When r u in NY again so we can coordinate a trip so we can have coffee?

Counselormama said...

LOVE the Fresh stuff! Am going to get it next time I go out!

Anonymous said...

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