Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One of THOSE People

Yah. I've done IT. Crossed over into Crazy Town aka Whole Foods Shopper. I'm a vegan now. Well. that's not entirely true. I'm a sometimes fair weathered vegan...MEANING if you are visiting me from out of town (OR down the block) we ARE going to cheesecake factory. 

But in my everyday life at home I am attempting to eliminate all animal products. Yes. Even cheese :(  (unless you're coming over for a wine and cheese party)(anyone? anyone?) And I'm only telling YOU guys this because my audience is judgy free! HA!


The PROBLEM with this lifestyle is that ONE...It means I have to go to Whole foods WAY more than ever. I try to limit it to once a week. And I am learning more and more about their uh, clientele, as it were. I haven't stumbled upon more busy body proselytizers  IN MY LIFE. And I've BEEN to Bible camp AND lived in Utah! I am not even kidding when I tell you that at LEAST once per trip SOMEone has come up to tell me about what product to buy....and we aren't talking about employees here. CUSTOMERS. I'll be looking at the ingredient list on something and sure enough I hear "Oh..have you TRIED that one yet? Because you have GOT to try the raw organic chia seeds...what you have there? those are just plain raw! Blyackkkk!"

The OTHER problem is that I get kinda spacey and light headed sometimes. I don't know if it's my body weeding out toxins OR screaming for a slab of Brie.

I consider myself blameless here. It's NOT MY FAULT! It all started with this stupid movie and then from that movie I read this stupid book. And now I am hooked. And people say media doesn't affect us! Please God...PLEASE...SOMEONE make a movie about the benefit of Oreos! 

This has surprisingly been pretty easy. I mean I was almost kinda sorta vegetarian before (except for that honey baked ham my brother made at easter) (the one I said I wouldn't touch)(and then ate half of it) (to his chagrin because there went the leftovers for ham sandwiches!) But yah. So. It HAS been easy and actually kinda fun. I know. 

You're shaking your head. 

Deleting me from your RSS feed.

I don't blame you. But just know that mommy and cheese still love each other and we will NEVER stop loving YOU.


NIKOL said...

I've seen lots of stuff about Forks over Knives. I know I'll see it eventually. And it will probably horrify and depress me.

Food, Inc. already made me want to grow all my own food. It even made me question my hatred of birds enough to consider raising my own chickens. Those food documentaries are powerful. Not as powerful as my love of cheese, though. Let's be realisitic.

rychelle said...

oh boy.

i will not click on those links, read those books or watch those movies. i will eat my chicken sandwhich in blissful ignorance.

peewee said...

uh Rychelle? I WILL still eat that chicken sandwich thibg that we had at that one place in vegas..mmmm.....

Kris said...

I totally want to start eating fresh, local, organic, non-processed foods. If only they would sell those kinds of things pre-packaged and pre-cooked, microwave ready, in individual meal form, in bulk at Costco. You know, so that I don't actually have to change my lifestyle and start...(gasp) Blech!

Kelli said...

I'm not knocking it, but it's just seems really, really difficult. I'm pretty lazy. Except for the baking and the writing and the crafting/building. But, really, I'm lazy. And if I were to commit myself to healthy eating, well there goes the bakery!
Earlier today I was shopping and saw diet green tea. DIET? I thought that green tea was the healthy stuff, now you're telling me it gets even more diet? And I was just proud of not grabbing the double stuffs oreos and settling for the regular ones. (also, given some vegan butter and egg substitute, I can make you some vegan oreos. For reals.)

Kristina P. said...

The next thing you know, you are going to be telling us you are running off with Mario Lopez, hate unicorns, and grind your own wheat.

Off to munch on my baby bunny sandwich.

rychelle said...

so glad we don't have to rule out boardhouse sandwiches when you visit next! ;)

you may already know about this blog, but if not here it is:

they have really yummy and easy to follow vegan recipes.

abalone said...

don't think "part-time" will cut it in the vegan world!!!

Karen Peterson said...

We used to like to play "Count the Velour Track Suit" at our local Whole, Foods. But they're sort of out now.