Tuesday, May 23, 2006

best OLD friends...

When I drive to and from classes (25 miles LA traffic, to and from)(so we're talking anywhere from 30 mins to 2.5 hours) instead of becoming full of road rage and then taking it out on students later, I just hunker down in my deli-mart of a front seat, mocha snugly in the cupholder, water bottle in my lap, phone in one hand, steering wheel in the other (unless I need a sip of my mocha)and I call my best friend and we chat for the whole time. We amuse ourselves with tales of forgetting our keys, screaming at the Nordstrom's clerks for not giving us back our credit cards and then finding them an hour later in our pocket...that sorta thing.
And then I call her on the way home too(she had left me a voicemail saying she had 'exciting news' for me)(was kinda scared she MIGHT be preg...has 4 kids, me has none) and today the conversation took a nose dive (which is pretty bad considering we usually spend hours on end discussing people from reality shows as if they were our childhood companions) she asked me how my day was, etc, (her exciting news for me was that IN TOUCH and LIFE & STYLE were 25cents this week!) and before I knew it we were discussing brangelina!
HER: I am SO SICK of angelina jolie!
ME: I KNOW! I mean, i am not JUDGEMENTAL or anything, especially since we don't REALLY know what goes on...BUT...GAWD she is such a selfish mom!
HER: I KNOW what is WITH her obsession with africa!? and I read in IN TOUCH that her new baby is sick and she won't even come home to care for it!
ME: UGH! seriously, even if that's not true, she is so crazy!
HER: seriously!
ME: I mean I don't even have kids, so I'm not one to talk, but If I did have a baby, and I really do want a baby. SOON. seriously I really do want a baby.
HER: yah! you know...I got an email about someone from somewhere who doesn't want this baby.
ME: uhhh, someone from somewhere? in an email? VANESSA! I don't want a CRACK baby!
HER: NO! it's not a CRACK baby! It's a normal baby. boy I think. but it's still little! And besides I met these 2 girls from church and they were like 18 and both of them were crack babies and THEY're fine!
ME: I thought our ANgelina conversation was bad. and now we're debating crack babies.
HER: hahahahaha...yah! We're such grandmas!! hey! I stole a shirt from you at Xmas and you never even noticed.

This was the exact conversation. no names were changed, no sentences deleted to protect anyone.

GOd I love the LA commute!


Joe said...

how come *I* never get random LA commute phone calls? where's the love???

peewee said...

uhhh, maybe cuz you are always in a hurry and whispering cuz you have a JOB. I can only speak for hours on end midday to those who DON'T work! SO think about that OLD friend. just THINK about it!
haha...just kidding! I need you to be employed cuz who else am I gonna borrow from???

Anonymous said...

HEYY Girlll! Did you hear the latest and greatest news????! In Style is ON SALE this week, half price! Seriously. It's all about surgery and who needs it (or is it who has done it?). Wait I think that was in OK! Ugh, well just check it out. I ran home with my (and these are new) double sized SINGLE Reese's peanut butter CUP (note the singularity of it!). Yes, its net weight is more than TWO of the regular Reeses', but I don't feel like a piggy wiggy downing 4 CUPS (just 2 KING sized).Anywhoo, I was so excited to come home, watch I Love Lucy reruns while indulging on my KING Reeses' and flipping through In Syle AND OK! It's good to have friends to share in the small things in life that bring so much pleasure ;} I got you girl!



Anonymous said...

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