Tuesday, May 30, 2006

OTHER People's pets....

Why is it that we LOVE our own pets so much? I feel like I am COMPLETELY objective when I say that my yellow lab is the cutest most entertaining dog EVER. I have seen some amazing dogs that don't belong to me, some smarter than Maggie, Some more clever, but never cuter. Maggie can do no wrong. when she jumps up on people I marvel at how friendly and excited she gets. so full of life. Her cute habit of stealing socks makes me melt everytime I put one on and there are big doggy teeth marks. I just laugh and shake my head and say "awwww maggie...you are such a naughty bad dog" (in the tone of voice only a mother uses as she coos to her newborn) When she peed on my friend's rug when she was a puppy I said "aww...poor girl, she's just SO excited to see you! She only does that when she sees YOU. isn't that sweet?"

BUT when other people's dogs come over to MY house I just want to scream at my friends "can't you train that fucking dog? jesus christ he keeps peeing EVERYWHERE!" Or when last night I was babysitting my friend's welsh terrier (they are totally stubborn)(hyper)(and dumb)and he kept barking all night, and then I put him in the laundry room and he just kept throwing himself against the door, or how he ran out of the house and would NOT return when I called.
I wanted to KILL this dog.
I couldn't drop him off fast enough. And then I wondered all day why anyone would want a dog like that when they COULD have a dog like mine. A dog who comes when she's called, doesn't bark (at night) and would never misbehave at someone else's house.(unless she was SUPER excited to see them)(but that's sweet)
When I got home after work tonight I just sat on the floor snuggling my perfectly behaved cute sweet dogs, SO grateful at how lucky I was to have them. How lucky I was that they weren't like that OTHER dog.

Then I suddenly understood my step mom...except I was such a GOOD kid!


Joe said...

yeah, it was adorable how she kept peeing on my BRAND NEW RUG. love you mags!

peewee said...

SHE ONLY PEED ONCE! ONCE! And awww...she was so excited to see you!

Anonymous said...

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