Saturday, April 14, 2007

Family sacrifices...

My little baby sister got married last weekend. It was adorable and sweet, she was also preggers, so it made it even more emotional...I cried blah blah...BUT she got married on Easter weekend, which in and of itself was not inconvenient.

HOWEVER when I flew home MON night I realized that I missed the big See's candy %50 off easter chocolates sale. I plan my ENTIRE year around this. I buy costco see's gift certificates so that not ONLY do I get half off, but it's also like getting another 30% off!!

you may be thinking "well, it's ONLY ONE DAY FOR CHRISSAKES!!"

You would be wrong in that thinking. This is a sale, where you have to line up the morning after easter BEFORE the place opens, shmooze all the grannies who are also lined up, patent leather purses all ready to go, ready to fight you for every last bordeaux egg, and be ready with your game plan in your head.

The part of my brain that LOVES to be in denial said "welll, maybe if you go tues morning there MIGHT be some eggs left, because MAYBE this is the year that they had LOTS of leftovers and not as many people showed up?!" (this is the same part of my zoloft induced brain that also justifies oreos and chocodiles as being "not THAT bad")

SO I went, ever the hopeful, looked around for the easter section, found it, and allllll that was left were JELLYBEANS!!! Because who in their right mind would buy JELLYBEANS at a chocolate store?!?!?

OH well, this is what it means to have FAMILY. Sacrifices need to be made sometimes. You have to think of THE OTHER PERSON. There is no I in LOVE.

BUT if that bitch goes into labor on the opening day of the Nordstrom Pre-Season fall sale, well sisterly love will fly out the window faster than you can say HALF OFF!!

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