Thursday, April 19, 2007

why I love fox news

DOnald Trump AND sanjaya malakar are on fox news this morning! I used to HATE the news. Now I lOVE the news...the ONLY way I would love the news MORE is if it were donald, sanjaya, AND The new bachelor/officer. GOD...I would become a shut-in.

Speaking Of crazy ass dumbshits, and I know no one else WATCHES THE BACHELOR....but you can at least understand that ABC is CLEARLY going through budget cuts because the Bachelor is back in LA AND they have chosen a 40 yr old unmarried navy officer (don't ask don't tell ploicy in effect) who is poor and stupid and old and is in the NAVY. ewwwww....what part of that rings as "a catch" to women? Being wooed by a prince...okay. Dating a wiine mogul heir, sure I'd give it a shot. Opening your legs and heart for a hot dumb football player....why not?

BUT a 40 yr old naval officer? yah...THAT"s romantic.... "and then , after we're married we get to LIVE ON BASE...and get food for REAL cheap at the base food store and I'm SURE he's not REALLY gay...that's just an old navy myth....and just think of the free time I'll have when he's away in his submarine for months and months with other men..."

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