Tuesday, April 03, 2007

no offense or anything,,,

This is what I am wondering, since I there are a few running around my gym...

WHY is it that transvetites are always like, the largest, gangliest, 6 ft 8 MEN with the hugest adam's apples on the planet? I NEVER see any trannies who are small wimpy guys to BEGIN with. In fact I know MANY smal puny men who would make GREAT women! (don't worry joe, even though you'd make a pretty lady, I am in fact NOT calling you PUNY)

But it seems like all the trannies running around my gym, as ummm, WOMEN, are larger than life. They look like giants, running on the treadmill, a good 3 feet higher than everyone else, with their false eyelashes, and long stringy weaves flinging every which way. This is all happenning while the puny straight boys are across the room, all 5 feet of them, trying to bulk up on the bench press for their Imaginary girlfriends...hoping to score with the ladies later with their teeny little pecks and little golf ball biceps. now THEY would be cute girls!

Well, guess the grass is always greener.

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