Friday, July 13, 2007

friday fog blog...

I just woke up. it's 9:30. I originally woke at 6:30 to take the dogs out. well, actually let's be real. I was WOKEN up by the idiots, cuz they wanted to go out. Then we all came back in, I threw them some bones and mama put her eye mask back on and went back to bed!

The thing is I have been trying not to have coffee in the morning...and THIS is the result. Plus today I was (am) just extra tired. for no reason. I wasn't up late. that would require a social life, a night life as the young-uns call it these days. My head is just foggy, a big caffeine deprived fog. SAD. I can't hardly even function.

I was actually up kinda late finishing a good book...called LOST AND FOUND. It's about this chick who finds a stray dog and they bond etc etc. the book talks a lot about how dogs are SO sensitive to humans and that they can actually SNIFF out cancer and illness WAY before we ever know about it. I have heard this before, but it rings in my brain right up there with the curing powers of crystals and the healing pwoers of talking to your plants and belief in ghosts, and the well being you get from cleaning your own house etc... In other words, in one ear and out the other. My brain simply refuses to retain such things.

I mean I WANT to believe AMAZING things about dogs. Will they protect me from black and asian and cat looking strangers (or anyone who wear a dangerous looking hat)? definitely. Will they calculate EXACTLY how much time it takes from when they hear my car door close to when I get up the stairs? yah! Can they hear a bag of dog treats crinkle from 5 blocks away? for sure!

But sniff out cancer? I they mean ALL dogs? or just SOME super smart kinda dogs? I mean my dogs ARE amazing! But even if beck COULD sniff out my cancer (and he is my wise soulful one) on the way over to to tell me about it he would get too quickly sidetracked by a stray stick, grab the stick with the ferocity of a guy witha reckless cocaine habit, and wanna play fetch. Then he'd pass out from exhaustion." Oh well," he thinks as he drifts off to sleep," I'll tell her tomorrow. wait. what was I gonna tell her?"

And Maggie? um she's SUPER cute. And therefore more likely to inform me that my hamburger is overcooked, and therefore unedible on my part, so I better just throw that puppy on the ground and she'll TAKE CARE OF IT.

I guess it could be true. But pehaps with a different breed. or is it different training? Are my dogs just of the paris hilton varierty? spoiled and under challenged?

perhaps. but I could make a pretty STRONg arguement for their shallow gene pool too.

Sorry to throw all this SCIENCE on you guys on a friday.

I'm totally gonna sniff out your soon as I'm done with my nap.

hey. i think I see a big ball of cancer...wait no that's just a ball!!!! throw that thing will ya?

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