Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Valley of the Yoga Dolls

Aside from the fact that I don't drive a premium luxury BRAND NEW Range Rover, I had one of those moments today where I suddenly noticed my very CLICHE LA behavior, and I had to pause and laugh at myself.

Well, I was filling my MANY prescription Meds, fresh outta the shrink's office, and while at the pharmacy I picked up the new US weekly and People, and a pack of gum, and I got in my car, popped the lids, poured the happy little pills in my hand and swiftly downed them with my Iced double mocha. ahhh...lunch. (Trust me, you don't want me off my meds...) WHILE I was texting my friend in the other hand. THIS, my friends, is the GLAM life of a multitasking LA yoga teacher extraordinaire!!

I then sped away, off to Target, to get some toilet paper.

meditation, schmeditation.

1 comment:

Federline said...

um, dont you drive a premium lexus suv? Im just saying.