Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It's like a post, only without all the word bits

I've been falling down the Target rabbit hole as of late. Is going to 4 targets in one day in search of PLASTIC CUPS a sign of mental illness?

No matter. I've also been obsessively playing 'words with friends' (aka scrabble) on iphone (didn't take too much for them to come up with THAT snappy name, huh?) I mean, I will totally stop soon. I'm SURE I will. (in case you're interested my handle is 'peeweerocks')(you know, I'll quit tomorrow.)(or maybe monday! yah. I'll stop Target and "scrabble" on monday!) (thats PEEWEEROCKS)

Now, you just make SURE to watch this. Even if you already have. Because it almost made me happier than my trunk full o' Liberty crap and coming up with the word 'hafted' for 48 points. Never heard a that word before, but I hafted to tell you about it.

(even if you're all "I'm not in the mood to watch this" Just DO. At the VERY least get to minute 1-1:20 and THEN if you are STILL not in the mood skip to 3:59. You're welcome. (peeweerocks @ words with friends)


DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Muppet-tastic! Almost as good as Liberty of London candles, but not quite.

dede said...

my computer blocked your video so I am trying to think of what has been on fb lately??? Is it the little Japanese boy that sings whitney? or a really nice inspirational easter message???

I refuse to play words with you anymore UNTIL you tell me all the little 2 letter words worth 50 points that you kill me with in the end!!!

Kris said...

Miss Piggy is so wise....NOTHING really matters, but vous.

Is Words with Friends available on blackberry too? Or just iphone? I hafted to get my hands on one of those.

peewee said...

ummm, I dunno Kris, but lets hope so!!

seriously? said... were so right...that made my day!!! Love the Muppets, Love the video, and Love PeeWee (not in a weird way though). :)

NIKOL said...


You know, I normally don't like new Muppets, but that Pepe the Prawn is hilarious.

"I see a little silhouetto of a clam..."