Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Tuesday. yep. Tuesday.

"Gross. People who vajazzle should have their vaginas taken away, They can have them back when they are ready."
-gabe delahay

I have been on a mad organizational tour. Remember when you were young and you had some stupid school project due, and then you procrastinated and then your mom was all "you know, it will be worse in real life!" and you rolled your eyes and were all "WHAT. EVER. HEATHER." That's what I was thinking about all weekend as I was covered with dust from digging stuff out from under my office desk. (and when I say "office" i mean making a super cute desk with all kinds of matching adorable officey decor and I get to walk by it and be all "OH! soooo cute!!" And that's the extent of my "office." I mean, sometimes I sit in my really cute "office" chair and look for a stamp or something, or stare at my pretty sharpie collection. But other than that it just looks DAMN good!

But so I spent all weekend organizing. And the ONLY reason I did that was to put to use all of the Liberty muck I bought at target that I justified by saying to myself "I will totally organize my office (and maybe even do my taxes on time!) if I buy all this cute officey looking stuff...ooh! A floral piggy bank! Perfect bookends!"

I'm gonna post pics very soon. So I am SURE you will be checking back every hour on the hour for THAT excitement.


Kristina P. said...

Thank you for saying vajazzle. I have been preparing. I am thinking a tree shape.

NIKOL said...

I guess it says something about me that I was excited when you mentioned Sharpies.

Oh, and the word vajazzle. Can't ever get enough of that.

Carin said...

I will say your office is VERY CUTE! I want pictures!!!!!! I am looking for some bookends!!!!!!!

Kris said...

As much as you love to know you vajazzle. Don't deny it.

Karen said...

I believe the world needs more vajazzling.

And congrats on getting your office all set up. Wanna come over and do mine next?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

vajazzle heee heee. I can't help but giggle. and lust after the Liberty stuff as well. LOVE IT!

Counselormama said...

Vajazzle? That is hilarious! Hope no one tries to take mine away!

Lin said...

I happen to LOVE Sharpies!! Oh, and I'll be here again next hour looking for the photos.