Sunday, April 04, 2010

Proverbial Easter Basket

I woke up this Easter morning, and missing the whole Easter Egg Hunt of Easters Yore (Yore! yes, I'm 80) I went around my house and "hunted" for all the new things I'm obsessed/in love with right now. SO, consider me the Easter Bunny and here is your "basket"

1. I love these three products so much that when I shave my legs, I do one leg with the Pomegranate and the other with the Cucumber/Melon. I know. I'm a female nerd, and these are my D&D characters. That Razor is crazy smoothe (I forget the brand) and the shaving creams are like lotion and your legs are crazy soft after. I got them all at Target. of course.

2. This Liberty of London for Target candle (SOMEone had a target binge this week) (or two) Not only are they pretty but the best part...$10!!!! Seriously I haven't liked a candle under 30 bucks in forever! Which means buying 3 is totally acceptable!

3.HELLO KITTY KEY COVERS!!!!!!!!! Nothing more needs to be said.

4. Magazine holder thingies from Container Store. YAY CONTAINER STORE!

5. Also up from the Container Store, the PURSEKET!! Seriously, I don't know how I lived without this. I always have big purses and there are just never enough pockets. WELL, This bad boy carries everything so I don't have to root around for stuff anymore AND it rolls up to fit you bag!

6. My coffee Grinder and Nespresso Espresso Machine. The Grinder for function, the Nespress for HOW CUTE IS IT!!?!? These actually aren't new, but this morning I was like "I LOVE YOU"

7. This ADORABLE art work my really great blogger friend got me for Christmas. It makes me SO happy when I see it. I don't know the artist but I'm sure she will post in the comments. Just goes to show how blogging can be fun AND profitable! We only met in person like 2 yrs ago and how well does she know me!

8. I WAS totally over the whole Sigg craze. But then I saw this one with the bumble bees and I couldn't resist. Unfortunately I got it and the-store-who-shall-not-be-named. Oh well. Still love it!

9. Mick's rolling his eyes at me. He does it all the time. He's over life with me. And it cracks me up lately. He's for sale at the right price not for sale.

10. I forgot to take a pic of these, but LOVE them. More for the adorable packaging. But still. LOVE. This LOOKS like a regular sized package, but it's like MINI....fits in your hand. If dryer sheets can be adorable, well then, these are it.



Kristina P. said...

No Vajazzler, huh?

And doesn't it make you depressed to hyperlink to Rychelle's blog? It reminds me of her bloggy suicide.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

You might want to lay low. I think your family is planning a Target Intervention. I'll be watching for you on A&E. Have a happy!

NIKOL said...

What does it say about me when I admit that when I saw "Purseket" I read "Percocet?" And that I thought "Hey, that wouldn't be so bad to have in an Easter basket..."

peewee said...

it says "you are my long lost sister separated at birth'

Kris said...

How come I don't find all that cool stuff at Target lately? Oh yeah...because I'm poor. I have to buy whatever shave gel is ON SALE FOR UNDER $1.29.

rychelle said...

awwwwwwwww........i love nutella cat!

here is the artist's website:

did you get those hello kitty key covers at target?

also, what was that brand of lip stuff you showed me at lunch? i need to find some.

I will explain It all said...

I've been looking for a good shaving gel..I've been searching and searching thank god you found it, now they better have it at my Target!:)

bernthis said...

Pls tell your retriever chews up as much as mine does. HOly hell, we can't leave anything near him or even on a tabletop in his vicinity. NIGHTMARE!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, it is offical, you can stuff MY easter basket anytime. Wait...that didn't sound right. You get it, right!?

Mayhem and Moxie said...

When (and not if) that fair day comes that you arrive in SF, I will propose that we spend the day in Target. Some might try to take you "fancy shopping", but not me. I like to keep it real.

And I really must find all of these amazing items at Target the next time I am there!

whore said...


Melanie J said...

I have that same razor and I loves it. Loooovvvveeessss it.

And I think I need to go check out those candles. Muy bonita.