Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A deep and meaningful post

Hey. whatever happened to male daytime talk show hosts?? Not Jerry Springer. But where's the new Montel or Phil Donahue?? I was flipping channels yesterday and it was just one chick after the other. And on that note...what happened to Jenny Jones?? Sally Jesse? Where are they now?? I wish they would make a reality show of all has-been talk show hosts. HA! That would be good. Right?

And while we're on that subject, when oh WHEN is Bravo gonna do The real GAY housewives of wherever. I don't even care. I mean that would be THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! DO YOU HEAR ME BRAVO!!??

Also, Project Runway is BOR-ING this season. Everyone is all buddy buddy and subdued. And Design Star? I'm sorry, but that's the sorriest bunch of "designers" I've seen yet. Last week's "dining rooms" were all like the ugliest dining rooms EVER. Has all the talent been exhausted??

I saw 'flipped' last night. Cutest movie. Took me RIGHT back to the era of my childhood. I mean, it was WAY earlier than MY childhood, but it was still kinda the same. It was nice to just watch a REAL movie with no crazy effects and no puzzles and twists. Delightful, is what I say.

Can't WAIT to see EAT PRAY LOVE!! I'm just gonna go ahead and brag that the producer who is also the producer of GLEE used to take my yoga classes religiously. Until he got all busy and popular and stuff. I realize I sound like one of the stupid housewives of DC (also BOR-ING) so I may even go so far as to say that I made that guy who he is. through yoga. yah. TOTALLY. He better THANK ME at the Oscars/Emmy's WHATEVER! I bet he even THOUGHT of Glee during one of my classes. I bet.

Yoga students who come to class late AND IN 5 INCH HIGH HEELS.

Whole Foods...always on this list. They're supposed to give you a 5 cent credit if you bring your own grocery bags and don't use one of theirs. Yesterday I spent $50 and just put it all in my giant purse/bag and the bitch didn't give me my 5 cent credit so when I asked about it she goes "that's if you BRING A BAG...your purse doesn't count." And she for real wouldn't give me the 5 cent credit! WTF?!?!? I HATE THEM WITH MY SOUL.

The real housewives of DC

Yoga students who chew gum in class. The buddha hates you.

Owning 2 cars. When you're single.

Teenagers who swear up and down that they will pay for a car if you buy it for them.

THIS....(for my UTE fans)


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I'm sorry, but I am totally laughing about the car thing.

There is Wendy Williams. She is practically like a tranny.

And I am with you on Project Runway and Design Star. BORING.

Carin said...

That is the funniest picture EVER! Cil will LOVE it!


Kris said...

You should run over that Whole Foods checker with both of your cars.

NIKOL said...

Maybe you should use the second car as a way to lure/trap men. They're attracted to shiny cars, right? Just leave the Lexus door open, with some porn and a 6 pack of beer sitting on the seat in full view. You'll have a guy in there before you can blink. And then you go up to the car and say, "OMG! You're in my car, drinking my beer and looking at my porn! I'm going to press charges!" Then when he starts making excuses, tell him you won't press charges if he either A) marries you or B) takes over payments on the car.

Sometimes I like having little scenarios play out in my head. It's fun.

rychelle said...

i think nikol is on to something!

and ditto your design star comments. i can't imagine any of them hosting their own show.

and since when did project runway become who wants to be the next fashion stylist? the "accesory wall" is out of control. it's one giant commercial for piperlime.

erin0703 said...

You should try again with Project Runway. Bridget and I grew up doing theatre with Christopher Collins and LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Maybe now it will be more fun for you? And he really is that nice in real life. And that cute.

Lin said...

PR is always boring in the beginning. It only gets good when they weed out the riff-raff.

Debbie said...

That gay housewife idea is GENIUS! You seriously need to write that idea up and pitch it.

Counselormama said...

I agree with the gay housewives show, I would watch, as would prob every other woman I know!

Melanie J said...

I like Project Runway this season. Who is that tall chick that keeps winning? Someone is going to cut her before this is all through, probably the skinny little 'mo who is 26 but looks 16 and glues plastic toys to his creations even when it's NOT "The Unconventional Materials Challenge." Yep, he's going to cut her, probably with a "deconstructed" rubber ducky,and when he does, I'm going to cheer.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Well, at least the one car is pretty cool, right!?

bernthis said...

with you on the Whole Foods bullshit.

Can't relate to anything yoga. Been told I need it which is why I don't do it cause I'm rebellious. Always have been, always will be.

peewee said...

okay. I heart PR now. I guess you just need to get two episodes in to find the characters....characters you'd like to STAB.

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